FOTD: Dior Rose Porcelaine (834)

I like pink in general. Fuchsia, pastel pinks, baby pinks, hot pinks… just not on my eyes. I have double eyelids but I do not have a prominent eye socket. Some people call my type of eyes monolids, some call it hooded eyes, whatever it is, pinks just don’t look good on me. Shimmery pinks especially make my eyes look swollen, like I’ve been sneezing the whole day. So I avoid it like a plague, unless it is just as a highlight.

Here, I will try to make it work. This palette contains 4 very light colours and only one darker one. I think it’s a no brainer to come up with a day look, so here, I will feature a more smouldery one.

I have oily lids so I must use a primer. My go to eye primer has always been the Urban Decay Primer Potion. There are times when I use long wearing cream eyeshadows too. Both MAC and Estee Lauder ones work well. As I was experimenting with this palette, I found that pinks don’t scare me as much anymore. It’s either I’m better at makeup (ahem!) or this palette is rather wearable! Probably a little of both, I reckon. Here’s the palette for your reference.

As usual, I try to use all 5 colours in the palette. I’m sure using just 2 or 3 colours from this palette will be sufficient too. As an all over base, I applied the shade in the centre. With the darkest colour in the palette, I brushed it from the outer corner of my eyes inward, stopping halfway. This is to give my eyes definition. With the same dark colour, I applied where my socket is and blend. To brighten the eyes , I dabbed the top left pink at the centre of my lids. The bottom right pink is used to highlight the inner corners of the eyes and the top right is used sparingly to highlight the brow bone. The dark shade is used again to smudge out bottom lashline. I tightlined my eyes with a black pencil liner and drew in my brows (extending it a little longer than my natural brows) using an ashy brown eyeshadow. 2 coats of mascara sealed the look. I think falsies will give it more drama but I did this very late last night so I was lazy.

For the rest of the face, I used:

MUFE HD foundation, Cruel Gardenia to highlight, Dior Rosy Glow blush, Dior Tulip Pink lipstick



Lighting is hubby’s DIY beauty dish, first time experimenting with it. This look is much darker in real life. There is also a pop of pink on the cheeks. Here in the photos, you see a very wearable look that is even suitable for day time. LOL! I would’ve prefered a soft box for a softer, more flattering picture, so I’m working on it.

I hope you liked this look. I put a lot of hard work into it. 2am and still editing! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone 🙂


xoxo Lily



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  • Hanny Daforcena

    Pretty!!! I belong to the school of thought that anyone can wear any color so long they adapt them to their tastes heh heh heh.

    • Lily

      Well, I believe that if you can make it work, as in, if it looks good, wear it. If it doesn’t, stay away from it! Haha

  • Jess

    A very subtle pink look which makes a beautiful Valentine’s Day look too! 🙂

    I still am pretty afraid of wearing pink on my eyes, as I have probably the world’s hoody-est eyes – well that’s actually how I feel about my eyey, haha…

    I’m loving your lip color a lot, Chloe!

    • Lily

      Haha! I didn’t mean for it to look subtle… It was kinda dark in real life. I guess the shimmers made the colours look lighter – I had to use flash when taking the photos. It was already midnight.

  • You look so glowy! Such a lovely feminine look. Happy Valentine’s Day, Lily! <3

    • Lily

      Thanks Fairy Peach! Glow thanks to Cruel Gardenia and flash photography. LOL! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too. Tired of getting flowers already?

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Ooooo I love this look! The lighting is great, and I can’t wait to see you experiment more with it!

    • Lily

      Thanks Sunny! I find this light quite harsh and there are many shots which had shadows all over my face. Yes, will have to experiment more to get the right angle and exposure 🙂

  • Cynthia

    Pink is suitable for you!! Suits the day theme today!! 😀 I couldn’t wear pink though..I look like I have swollen lids. :((

    • Lily

      Thanks Cynthia. Pinks really don’t suit me, but this palette has really sheer pinks, so they’re OK =)

      • Anthony’s Guardian Angel

        I love fucshia 😀

        • Lily

          Thanks for commenting Mr Anthony’s Guardian Angel. Remember to pick up the daughter this evening. LOL!

  • I think you did it very well!!

    I have the same type of double eyelids as yours, and I’ve always felt very proud of them. Since young, everybody has been telling me how my double eyelids look so nice, on top of beautiful eye shape.

    But this type of lids doesn’t stops me from wearing pink! In fact, my go-to look if I run out of creative juices, is the pink palette, because I know I am going to look good in pink.

    yup, so I think you have very nice eye shape too, don’t have to be afraid of wearing pink. =)

    • Lily

      Aaaw… thanks Jyoan. You’re so sweet 🙂

  • jacss

    wow Lily….this soft pink look of yours is very flaterring, very very i mean 🙂 the eye shadows are very well done too!!

    camera tricks aside, i like this look 😀

    • Lily

      *blush* Thanks Jacss. Well, not so much camera trick. More like better lighting. LOL!

  • Tracy@Beauty Reflections

    LOVE you in pink Lily! I love this palette on you! So pretty!

    • Aww, thanks Tracy 🙂