FOTD: Dior Royal Kaki 454 & Diorshow New Look Mascara

I received a mail from Dior about the launch of New Look collection, with an invitation to get my own mini eye palette Royal Kaki and a mini mascara. So I went, and it was then I took all the photos of the swatches for you. Here, using these 2 cute minis, I created a daytime wearable smoky eye for you. You can also see Rose Porcelaine (834) in action in my recent FOTD. There will also be a mini review on the Diorshow New Look mascara which I’ve been wearing every day since I got it.


I used the khaki (centre of palette) as a base all over my lids. Using the black (bottom left), I lightly lined my lashlines and defined the outer corner. The gold (top left) is used to pat over the khaki from the inner corner of my eyes to the centre of the lids. The silver (bottom right) is used to lightly line the lower lashlines for a brightening effect the the top right shade is used to highlight the brow bones. I hope you can see the subtle combination of all the colours. I didn’t pile on the colours because I was going out with my family with this makeup on. Most of the time, for the colours to really pop in the photos I take, I find I have to layer on the colours pretty intensely – and armed with very good lighting! I like this palette very much because the colours are so easy to transition from day to evening. The khaki is sultry and mysterious, and the silver is sparkly enough to amp up an evening look. You really have to try this palette if you haven’t already. I think I might get the full sized one before it is sold out!



I’ve always liked my Diorshow mascaras. This new one is different from the original, and the most obvious being – the brush. The nano-brush is much smaller than its predecessors and it fits quite well with my shorter lashes. As you can see, there are longer and shorter bristles. The longer ones volumise the lashes while the little bristles catch the finer lashes and separates them beautifully. This mascara is also infused with Lash Multiplying serum which gives lashes a thicker and more voluminous effect. The more you wear it, the better your lashes look. I quite like this mascara. The brush is not stiff ( I find it rather flexible, actually) and I can layer it a few times without having my lashes clump together. It doesn’t lengthen tremendously but it does volumise nicely. The tiny bristles at the end of the brush catch my lower lashes perfectly without having them look like spider legs. I also like that it holds my lashes curled up for at least 6 hours, a feat that I couldn’t say for many other mascaras I’ve tried. However, I read from other blogs that their lashes are weighed down. So, I guess this depends VERY much on your own lashes. The other convenience that comes with it is the removal process. All you have to do is rinse it away with warm water. Lovely!

OK, ramblings done. Here’s the look. For the rest of my face, I used Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, Becca beach tint in Watermelon for the cheeks (absolutely love this, review will be up!) and Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart.



I hope you liked this look. Feedbacks appreciated!


xoxo Lily


  • Jamilla

    Very pretty! Thanks for the review – I am still on the fence about the mascara, but I will take another look!

    • Lily

      Thanks Jamilla. I rather like the mascara. Might just go and get another full sized one!

  • Hanny Daforcena

    Hmmm, it is very pretty!!! Ya know, from your previous post I thought you got most of them full sizes hahahaha~~

    Oh, my makeup instructor said that colors that are not really pigmented and need piling on to show color have less “chemicals” on them. Dunno if it’s true though

    • Lily

      LOL! Nah, that’ll be really decadent. These colours are pigmented, just that when I take the photos, some lighting will wash out the colours… Not sure about chemicals and pigments though. Research time!

  • You look lovely in these khaki colors! 😀

    • Lily

      Aaw, thanks peach_! I like colours like these… browns that aren’t really browns, greens that aren’t really greens. Hahahah!

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    YOU. ARE. A. BEAUTY! I love the green on you! The mascara sounds promising too. I always need something that holds curls 🙂 Good job Lily!

    • Lily

      Oh Sunny… you made me blush. LOL! The mascara really kept me wide eyed for a while, but I do think it very much depends on your own lashes. I’ve read amazing reviews on other mascaras and when I tried it myself, the effect was just not the same.

  • Jer Marie

    Love the eye color…….. and would like to buy my own mascara soon!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the share.

    • Lily

      I’m glad you like it! Yes, do try the mascara. It’s absolutely lovely =)

  • Rudz

    Lol, nice, thanks for the tips I’m new to mascara and I’m having major issues!

    • Lily

      You should try the New Look mascara. It works great without much effort!

  • Cynel

    Love the tips. I’m always fumbling in the dark when it comes to eye makeup.

    • Lily

      Hi Cynel, thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you found this post helpful!

  • Michelle

    Hello!! I’m not used using make-up, thought it may damage my skin…. I don’t know what product would be best for my skin…. Hope you have advice for someone like me who is new in using make-up. I have a dry/oily skin and a natural skin tone.

    • Lily

      Hi Michelle, I don’t think using makeup will damage anyone’s skin unless you do not remove it properly. There are so many products nowadays that come with skincare benefits too. When you’re still new in makeup, I guess all I can say is, try it out. If you have good skin, just a tinted moisturizer will help even out your skintone. If you have blemishes to cover, try concealers. Mascaras, liners, blushes… I think I did my fair share of trial and error to really know what I like. The only thing that I am picky about is foundation. I almost always ask for a sample to try it out first. Don’t want break outs!!