It’s a big tool: Ecotools Bronzer Brush

I’m a late boomer. I also believe in the phrase Better Late Than Never. I’ve always heard of Ecotools but never really tried it before probably due to the price tag and the brushes being synthetic brushes. I never liked the feel of synthetic brushes because they feel ‘plasticky’ and not as comfortable on the skin. I was at Shins a month ago, and after I touched the bristles of this brush, I caved.

I never thought synthetic brushes could be so soft and smooth, dense but not stiff. This bronzer brush to me, is like a kabuki brush on stick. LOL! It is like my MAC 182 but with a much longer handle. Its sheer size dominates all my other brushes on the table. It stands proud and glorious, catching falling dust before others. Haha!

I like to use this to buff in powder. I also use this as a finishing touch to blend out foundations. It works great to blend out harsh edges of your blush too. It is good for multi tasking, that’s for sure. Since it is a bronzer brush, I also tried this to buff in bronzer to the high points of my face, where sunlight would hit. The result is amazing! This brush helps blend and buff in the product into the skin, making my face look naturally sun kissed, never streaky. The handle is long enough for a comfortable grip, unlike the much shorter kabuki brush handles which sometimes can be a pain to hold.

After using, you can also conveniently just pop it on your desk. I wouldn’t recommend putting it into your brush cups / holders, because it takes a lot of space. This brush is easy to wash but since it is a dense synthetic brush, it takes a much longer time to dry. Ecotools is a line of 100% cruelty free brushes. The bristles though all synthetic, feel like soft natural hair. The ferules are made of recycled aluminium and the handles are made of bamboo. This is also a brand that is endorsed by the beautiful Alicia Silverstone.

Have you tried Ecotools brushes before? Do you have a favourite?


xoxo Lily


  • I love Ecotools!! I have been using their blush brush for over 3 years now and I’m happy to report it’s still in pristine condition! Speaking of synthetic brushes, I need to get some Real Technique brushes!! =D Especially the stippling brush *lemmings galore*

    • Lily

      I only have this brush from Ecotools. Have to say I’m pretty impressed… but I am absolutely LOVING Real Technique brushes!! I will post the reviews soon…

  • makeup.addict

    I started out using Ecotools brushes years & years ago when I first really started getting into makeup and I do remember the bristles on them were oh so soft that I could just rub it all over my face for a whole day and won’t even get bored with it. 😉 But my main problem with them (and many other synthetic brushes) is that they don’t pick up powder products well. Liquid & cream products work well with ’em but I hardly use any other liquid or cream products besides my foundation, so Ecotools pretty much was a bust for me. But as you said, the brushes are sure good for blending. 🙂

    Nowadays, the only brushes I use are MAC, Louise Young and Hakuhodo. As I got older, I realized brushes are the one thing I should really invest my money on as they can last a long time. With good brushes, you can make even the crappiest makeup look amazing. 🙂

    • Lily

      I understand about the synthetics and powders… but this bronzer brush seems to do the job quite well. Oh, I heard lots about Louise Young and Hakuhodo. Some recommend Hakuhodo more than Suqqu! What do you think? Yes, brushes are an investment… but don’t go too crazy! LOL!

      • makeup.addict

        Oooo.. Suqqu… *starry eyes*

        I would LOVE to try Suqqu brushes but they are so hard to get hold of! I think if I got my hands on the Suqqu powder brush, I’ll probably die from orgasmic pleasure. LOL
        I can’t wait to get to Manchester at the end of this year so that I can finally get my hands on all things Suqqu!

        What are you favorite eye brushes Lily? I’m trying to find a good eye blending brush since my MAC 217 and 226 just ain’t cutting it for me anymore. 🙁

        • Lily

          I think the closest Suqqu to M’sia would be Bangkok =) Eye brushes? I think it very much depends on the shape and size of your eyes…and finding brushes with shapes and cuts that match! For me, 217 works great for blending. I also like smokey eyes, so pencil brushes and smaller ones work great for me. I’m waiting for DollyLeo to stock up on Suqqu’s eyeshadow brushes and I’m getting them! LOL!

  • Wynnce

    I got this too! I think I have almost all of their brushes that available in Msia.

    • Lily

      I assume you like Ecotools then… you know, I think you’d love Real Techniques then!

  • Stephanie/Yukaeshi

    I LOVE Ecotools brushes and have been using them for a quite a while. They work very well and are one of the softest synthetic brushes I’ve ever had, and the plus point is they don’t shed or bleed like some brushes I have (Natural or synthetic). I find that my Ecotools brush is the best for applying powder 😀

    • Lily

      They are soft indeed! So comfy on my face.

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Thanks for sharing Lily! I haven’t tried Ecotools yet, partially also because I’m not big on synthetic brushes! If you say this one is really soft then I’m definitely interested! I already have a big powder brush (Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush), but I could always look into something else lol

    • Lily

      Actually, if I really had to recommend, I love Real Techniques. Still trying them out, but I am in LURVE!!!!!!!!!!