Monthend Randomness: LOVE, my declaration.

It can get boring writing about cosmetics and skincare all the time. I might just slot in something called monthend randomness, just for fun. It will be something totally random, silly or just a snippet of what happened in that month, or something sarcastic just to poke fun at life, and something that probably will not make sense to you, and me. Hahaha! Last month was a short post on Chinese New Year. Since this is February, let’s talk about L-O-V-E. My declaration.


My love for my family

I love my husband even though he can get on my nerves. He thinks he is funny, but no, not really. I love my husband even though he snores. I just have to snore louder. I love my husband for seeing the light of things, no matter how bad things can be. I just wish he wouldn’t try to crack an unfunny joke when I’m all upset. He makes me laugh because he is so NOT funny. I love my husband for just being himself – both the good and the bad.

I love my daughters even though they drive me crazy. They make me laugh, cry, smile, yell, angry, mad. I love my daughters for being my inspiration, for reminding me the joys of the silliest thing in life. Like a fart. Like a burp. Like a speck of dust you can’t catch.

I love my parents because they gave me everything when they had nothing. I love my parents because they understood and supported when I thought there was no hope. I love my parents for being so open with my brother and me, being our friends and confidante.

I love my brother because he is my only sibling. I love him for being so goofy. I love him even though his pure existence is to annoy me. I love him even though he thinks I’m his walking dictionary and his personal secretary.

My love for my makeup and my blog

In case you haven’t noticed, I am crazy about cosmetics. I love the textures, I love the colours, I love the designs, I love to collect. The initial spark of idea about starting to blog was to keep a diary of all the things I purchased. Then I decided to dedicate the blog to my daughters because they are also intrigued with these colourful beauties. Even though there are more and more of you lovely readers who take time to stop by and amazingly read my ramblings, it doesn’t change. It is nearly a year since ChloeAsh started, and I still feel the fire burning, if not more! I bore easily, but blogging has suddenly ignited my passion for writing. I also discovered photography along the way! Will I stop blogging if there’s no one reading anymore? No way! I will always have my 2 loyal readers, Chloe and Ashlyn =)

What do you love? What is it that you are passionate about? Join me and declare your love for someone or something in comments below! It is good for your soul and I am a busybody so I want to know. Haha! Don’t be shy and do it now!


xoxo Lily