Removing eye makeup with Kanebo

I ran out of my Lancome Bi-Facil. It was my favourite eye makeup remover, something I always went back to. I even finished the mini Bi-Facil that came with that purchase. Conveniently enough, I received this one from Kanebo when I purchased some Lunasol goodies. Lunasol is part of Kanebo, in case you were not aware of that. Since I am practising good habits, i.e. finish using up what I have before getting a new one, well, at least for skincare, I went ahead and tried this one.


Kanebo eye makeup remover comes in a rubbery plastic rectangular bottle, which feels like my girls’ better quality toys. Packaging does matter to me, because I can be superficial like that, and this one gets a C from me. I am also very logical, so what really matters is the remover itself. Does it do its job well? Is it oily? Does it remove quickly? Does it sting my eyes? etc etc etc. This remover is oil based, so you do see the 2 tier liquid – oil separates from the remover. Give it a good shake, and pour out some onto your cotton pads and soak your eyes with it.



There is a stopper at the mouth of the bottle so you don’t pour everything out, but it still gives a generous amount of fluid through that little hole. I said “soak” previously because that s how I remove my eye makeup. With the wet cotton pads, I cover my eyes for 10-15 seconds, very gently rubbing my lashes to work the mascara and liner, then remove. I find that the most mascaras and liners get removed pretty well with this method. To remove the residue, I wet cotton buds with the remover and work the little areas.



The remover is a little oily but it doesn’t leave my eyes with a film of oil. Some bad ones I tried actually stayed in my eyes. Stung like crazy. This one doesn’t sting either, and my eyes are rather sensitive. Maybe I have found a more affordable one that agrees with my fussy eyes. I have used a quarter of it in one month, and I wear mascara every day. The only gripe I have is the packaging, but it does work rather well, so that makes up for pretty much everything.

I’m not too sure how much it is, because mine was GWP, but I think it’s somewhere around the RM50 mark. It retails for RM38 (unless the price has changed). Thanks for the heads up, Paris! It now retails for RM42 – thank you reader Gin for the latest info! Have you tried this before?


xoxo Lily