Bring Back the Bouncy Youthful Skin with L’Oreal Youth Code

This post is much overdue. I also broke the cardinal rule of blogging – the pictures are taken after I’ve used up half the bottle! I didn’t plan on talking about this, but after using for one month, I decided I had to share. The L’Oreal Youth Code pre-serum was launched some time late last year. I got mine during Christmas sale season, for only about RM88. The bottle is already used up, FYI, and for this review, I will give you 2 perspectives. One is for dry/oily combination skin, and another is for mature dry skin.


For a drugstore brand, this pre-serum is definitely a good find. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle and the pump dispenser gives you just the right amount of product for the entire face. The only gripe I have is the long glass tube dispenser because every time I place it back into the bottle, it gets messy. The serum outside the tube is transfered onto the mouth of the bottle unless you insert it carefully without touching the sides of the bottle.



I used half the bottle in more than a month, and I passed it to my mother to try the other half. We used it both day and night, 1 pump from the dispenser for the whole face. I am happy to report that for both our different skin types, this pre-serum works well. You need to use this before any of your usual serums and skincare, because it is supposed to boost the absorption of the skincare you apply. I was absolutely amazed of the results on the morning after. Both our skin types noticed a soft focus effect on our skin, somehow smoother and finer to touch. My mom was ecstatic but I didn’t want to believe it. Must be something else. I used it for another week. Skin does look softer. 2 weeks in – my dry/oily combination skin experienced no breakouts whatsoever. By 1 month, I was reluctant to part ways with it! My skin looks lifted, somehow, and large pores around my nose area seem smaller. The after effect sans Youth Code for 2 months – pores are back.

The effect on my mom’s skin was different. She saw a softer effect on her face overall, and her dry skin feels less taught, more moisturised. Of course her lines are still there (no miracle works in such a short time) and she doesn’t see any visible lift to her skin. However, she did see a brighter turn from her usual dull skin surface.



The serum doesn’t have much of a scent, it is easily absorbed, and doesn’t add weight to the rest of the skincare. Mom is on to the next bottle already, so I guess she’s loving it. I think the effects are only visible when you are using it long term. Once  you’ve stopped using it, the effects will not sustain. You can find Youth Code pre-serum at Sasa, Guardian and Watsons nationwide.

Have you tried this yet? What do you think?


xoxo Lily