Zap ze Zit Marks with Clinique Derma White Micro-Motion C Serum

It’s no secret I developed an allergic reaction during one of my product testing stints (a sacrifice being a beauty blogger) and I was lumps and bumps for quite a while. I have little bumps around my chin, and I’d get one or two pops of angry hidden volcanoes that hurt lots on my cheeks. It was a phase when bumps come up, subside, then another batch will come. UGH! A friend of mine mentioned witch hazel, and I bought the Clinique anti-blemish gel because witch hazel happens to be one of the active ingredients. Unfortunately, so is alcohol, so those of you who have sensitive skin might have to give this a miss. If you apply this gel onto your pimples with open wound, it stings like crazy. However, it worked great! My skin calmed down a lot, but oh, the marks. They take months to disappear. And then…

I discovered derma white micro-motion C serum, also by Clinique.



Targeted concentrate with Vitamin C actively dimishes dark spots. Gentle massaging applicator helps focus this powerful melanin dispersion formula with Black-Out Yeast extract on dark spots. Unleashes encapsulated anti-irritants to defuse UV-triggered melanin production. Oil-free. For all skin types.



The SA at Clinique pushed quite hard for me to purchase the Even Better serum, but I’m already using a whitening serum (to be reviewed soon) which was working really well. I just wanted something that will target the newly formed dark spots. Something that will make them go away a little quicker. When she finally understood what I really wanted, she recommended me this little tube  of serum which targets spots. What she failed to mention was, spots that are UV-triggered. I remember my dermatologist telling me that one of the reasons pimple marks get darker is due to exposure to UV rays. So, I was willing to give this a try.



To use, I gently squeeze the tube. Serum is dispensed through the roller balls which are also the applicator. With just a small amount of serum, I apply onto the marks by gently massaging in circular motion for 5-10 seconds, letting the balls work the serum into my skin. I repeat the same step for another spot. I even roll it onto my freckles to see if it works. I’ve been extremely diligent, applying it morning and night, after cleansing and toning my face, before my whitening serum.

My newly formed pimple marks were very receptive. By the second week, the marks were lightened. I’m into a month now, and the lighter marks disappeared. I still have a couple of darker marks left from the angry acne, but they are fading. I was ecstatic because it usually takes at least 2 months for my marks to disappear! As for my freckles, I don’t see much improvement, erm wait, not at all, actually. I know some of you are very concerned about ingredients in your skincare, so here it is. A long list!


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Now, my proven zit blasting routine would be to apply the anti-blemish gel to get rid of bumps quickly, and then this mouthful C serum to get rid of nasty marks. It might have worked faster because I am also using a whitening serum for my face, but hey, it does work. It didn’t dry out my skin in the process but I do apply hydrating masks twice a week. Another thing to note is, the marks on my face were fresh. I couldn’t attest to marks that were formed ages ago because that would be more stubborn. AND remember – this serum targets UV-triggered spots. This tiny bottle costs RM200 but for me, because it works, it was worth it. I initially tried one from L’Oreal, cost me RM50 and it was better used on a good meal.

Have you tried this before? Do you have any zit blasting routine that you can share? I’d love to know my options too =)


xoxo Lily








  • lyn

    I have numerous pimples that have dried up and now darkened too. I’m on a lookout for an effective serum or treatment that can help lighten those spots. This sounds pretty good but I don’t seem to have much luck with Clinique these days 🙁

    • Lily

      Really? I was quite skeptical initially, but it works for me. I’m also using DiorSnow whitening serum, so, I’m sure that helps as well =) Do you like Dior skincare? I used their spot reducing serum before (ages ago) and if I remember correctly, it works quite well too.

  • Hanny

    My mom used this before, but it didn’t work much on her… Hmmm…

    • Lily

      Well, it targets spots that are UV induced. Furthermore, the marks of mine are ‘fresh’. Maybe that’s the reason! Also, I am using a whitening serum and the combination might be working 🙂

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Hey Lily, the things we do for our blogs right? We could stick to products that we know would work for us if we didn’t blog, but because we do we always have to try something new, and our skin turns out to hate some!

    I like the way this sounds! You have actually convinced me to look into serums that would even out my skin tone. I also have post-acne pigmentation spots and some sun spots that I could live without!

    I have recently discovered something that works like a MIRACLE for blackheads and zits. It’s La Roche Posay Effaclar K! I had this HUGE hormone-induced zit on my chin, and a fellow blogger recommended this. Believe it or not it was systematically reduced with each application. The blackheads on my nose are also disappearing at an alarming rate, so I would actually recommend this to anyone who has zit problems.

    The only thing you might want to be careful about is that for areas that don’t really have blackheads/acne problems, you might want to take it VERY easy in the beginning especially if you’re a BHA/AHA virgin like me. I was overenthusiastic and applied Effaclar K all over my face twice every day, and after 2 days or so my cheeks were sustaining chemical burns! It wasn’t bad, and luckily I figured out pretty quickly it’s the acid that’s doing this, so I stopped putting it on my cheeks and used Flammazine instead. It stayed red and blotchy for about a day. As I type my cheeks aren’t really back to normal yet, but the redness has gone down and I hope the episode will quickly be over.

    So voila, that’s my zit blasting discovery (with a side effect lol). Have you tried anything like this before?


    • Lily

      I have heard of La Roche Posay Effaclar K, yes. In fact, it was recommended by Lisa Eldridge in her video just recently. I haven’t tried it before though, and I try to avoid skincare with AHA. I suppose I could use mild ones, but my skin is quite sensitive, so even when trying out new products, I have to be careful. Very tempting though, I must admit! I must look for more reviews on this before taking the plunge. In the meantime, I still have a few bottles of serums to go through. I am using DiorSnow whitening serum (review up soon) and it works like a gem on my skin!
      Yes, we do things for our blog, but secretly, I do enjoy it. Well, unless there were breakouts like this then UGH! It makes us more sensitive to which product is the culprit though, don’t you think?

      • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

        Effaclar K is apparently the milder one in the Effaclar range. If you start out cautiously I’d say you’ll be fine. It is La Roche Posay after all (OK that’s not too much of an argument).

        I do enjoy testing things out, but I kinda wish I were smart enough to avoid the chemical burn lol. And you’re right. I think I’m developing a much closer relationship with my skin because of my blog. A lot of things that would have gone unnoticed are now easily visible!

        Do let me know if you decide to try Effaclar K out, but remember to take it slow!

        • Lily

          To be honest, I haven’t tried La Roche Posay before. I’ll definitely let you know if I tried it =) Did you do a post on this? I wonder if it’s available in M’sia because there definitely isn’t one in my city.

          • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

            I will write about it after I have fully tested it out. I got it only last Thursday so I can’t say anything definitive yet!

            La Roche Posay is found in every pharmacy here. In Taiwan I think you can find it at Watson’s (and maybe also some pharmacies).

            • Lily

              I found it at so I’ll wait for your review before deciding =)

  • Celeste @ Becoming Beautiful

    I share your pain! I developed a fair few allergy reaction testing things out for the blog as well. Whoops.

    I haven’t tried this serum before though I’m now all curious – I’ll have to look into it the next time a product I’m testing breaks me out!

    Usually when I break out, Bodyshop’s tea tree oil has been my hero to get rid of everything, scars included!

    • Lily

      Hi Celeste, yes, I think many beauty bloggers experienced this at least once in their blogger life. LOL! I’m pretty sure this Clinique spot serum can’t take all the credit. I am also using a potent whitening serum that works wonders!
      I haven’t tried Body Shop’s tea tre oil before. Thanks for the info! I will try it next time. Well, hopefully there won’t be a next time ;-P