Going Incognito: Dior Addict Extreme

Buttery. Smooth. Moisturising. Soft. Comfortable. These are the textures of Dior Addict Extreme lipsticks. Today, I will feature 3 shades from the Incognito style extract. They are 326 Incognito, 339 Silhouette and 356 Cherie Bow. I will let the pictures do the talking so it might take a little while to load the page. Yes, picture heavy.


These lipsticks comes in sleek black casings. Very classy. They also feel very sturdy and they shut with a click. The 3 shades here are very close to each other. It took a while for me to tell the difference from the tube alone.



When swatched on my arm, the colours were very sheer. In fact, when applied on my lips, the colours were even sheerer. I have quite pigmented lips, so, my natural lip colour shows through. The swatch below is (left to right) Incognito, Silhouette, Cherie Bow.



Incognito is more beige, and on my lips, well, you can’t really tell if I’m wearing anything. For me, this is a very nude lip look, like I applied a clear gloss only. However, it did even out the colour of my lips, making it very natural, but better. I would pair dark smokey eyes with this lip colour and it would make the perfect nude. I’ve been wearing natural eyes and bold lips lately, so I feel a little out of place with nude lips now!



Silhouette is a tad bit more pigmented than Incognito. Just a tad. This shade leans a little more orangy on me, but when the red in my lips peeked through, the colour looks somehow peachy pink. Also, very sheer. I wore 3 layers of the lipstick here. Of all the 3 shades, I like this most. This doesn’t wash me out but it gives just the right hint of colour on my lips. This shade goes with everything, I reckon.



Cherie Bow is the only one that leans pink. On me, it is a very sheer sweet pink, which I think is just right for Spring. I would also think it looks fun and playful with colourful eyes and pink cheeks. This pink will go well with sultry grey or purple smokey eyes too. I think someone with a cooler skin tone will look much better wearing this shade, compared to my yellow skin under tones. I didn’t say I couldn’t make it work though! LOL! ;-P



I have been anticipating this range of lipsticks for a while now, and I’m so happy to share them with you. The texture is to die for. I absolutely love my Dior Addicts. The Incognito style extract is very demure, very natural and sheer, like it’s supposed to be. Not my favourite of the 4 style extracts, but for some who love undone lips, this can’t be more subtle. If you prefer something more pigmented, more matte, then this is not your cup of tea. However, I can’t wait to share with you the bolder shades. I’ve been dying to try them myself.

If there is one thing that I have to point out, it is quite obviously the hefty price tag. The Addict Extremes retail for RM98 a tube and will be available April 2012 onwards.

Which of the 3 shades appealed to you? Or are you like me, more attracted to the brighter colours? There are 3 more style extracts – Lucky, Riviera and Plaza. Which one shall I feature next?


xoxo Lily


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