Fancy some UV Protection in a Compact?

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Did you know that we have to re-apply our sunscreen every 2 hours? It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing SPF100, ladies. The sunscreen you applied in the morning will not be protecting you much when you go out for lunch later. Hyper pigmentations like sun spots and freckles can be due to over exposure to the sun. So how are we going to re-apply the sunscreen over our makeup? Here is something you might want to look at.

White Reveal Compact UV Protection SPF 50 – PA+++. The mattifying protection.



This new generation white reveal compact UV protection instantly acts like an anti-UV active shield that evens out, mattifies and enhances the radiance of the complexion. A powerful UV filter ensures effective protection against UV rays that lead to the appearance of dark spots. Its unique compact cream texture envelopes the skin in a sheer halo for unrivaled comfort and a perfectly matte skin finish. As a result, the skin is incredibly smooth and luminous, and glows with a flawless and even transparency. The ultra practical compact case design allows for quick touch-ups on the go and throughout the day.



I have reviewed this compact’s sister before and I have grown to like it a lot. I have finished the tube just recently and this was sent to me just in time. I have been using this for more than a month and I have grown attached to it. This compact UV shield comes in a black velvet pouch, as most of Dior’s cosmetics do. It opens to show a full sized mirror (handy!) and a white round sponge applicator, sitting on top of another plastic cap. Sitting inside the plastic cap is the cold pressed suncreen. Yes, it is sunscreen in cream form. Eh? Cream? No, not moisturiser runny cream, but more like a cream blush or compact cream foundation.



The first time I tried it, I was sceptical. How is this NOT gonna mess with my makeup? I applied the cream sunscreen with the sponge provided by dabbing all over my face, yes, over my makeup. Just to make things more difficult, to see how this compact fares, I did not blot my face first. As I was dabbing the sunscreen on my face, I was wondering to myself if this would be enough coverage. I was also praying hard it wouldn’t break me out. Then, my next thought as I was applying was… Hhmmm… not oily at all, smooth and soft. And the result? My face already looks brighter and more even! I kid you not! I have been using it religiously for the last 4 weeks. I apply my usual sunscreen in the morning, and I use this just to touch up before I leave my office for lunch or for appointments. I have noticed a brighter skin from all these extra protection so I guess the answer to my initial question was yes, there is enough protection by just lightly dabbing this cream all over the face. I did not experience any breakouts either, so Yay!

The main ingredients of this sunscreen are Octinoxate (7.49%), Titanium Dioxide (5.33%), Zinc Oxide (4.22%) and Oxybenzone (3%), which are a mixture of both organic and inorganic particles (translated: a mixture of physical and chemical ingredients). If you prefer a 100% mineral sunscreen, then this will not be for you. Then it brings me back to my Clarins experience… maybe it wasn’t the ingredients after all. I am still going to try it again. Maybe it was hormones back then.



Here are a few things I want to highlight, those that I think might be an issue for some. Firstly, any blush on your cheeks will be gone. I mention this first because it is very obvious. One pat on the cheeks and the blush just disappeared.

I always associate re-applying sunscreen with taking off makeup and applying all over again. I have been using this sunscreen over my makeup and surprisingly, it doesn’t feel eeky. This suncake is mattifying, but the heat and humidity in our country speeds up oil production. So, I usually apply it after I blot my face. After re-applying the SPF50, I powder and re-apply my blush. To some, this is too cumbersome. Too much effort needed.

None of these bothered me much at all. The one thing that really irked me is the sponge. The white as snow sponge gets dirty very quickly. The germaphobic in me shudders every time I need to use it. I don’t think there is any other way to use it other than blotting over makeup. This is a cream product after all. I can’t exactly swirl and buff it in. Well, I can, but the makeup will be ruined. I have tried my very best to wash the sponge clean but it is forever tainted. I threw it away. So now, I have a little spatula in the velvet case. To apply, I scoop out a little product on my clean fingers, warm it up and pat onto my face lightly. I am much happier like this.

The sunscreen can be popped out of the case, which indicates the availability of refills. However, refills are not available for sale just yet. This product is still very new to Dior and they probably need a trial period to see how well the public reception is. Honestly, other than extra work and effort, I really like how this product protects my face and my skin is agreeable too. Nobody said taking care of our skin is easy. Same as being healthy. Working out. Eating healthy. Maintaining relationships. Nothing works without having some effort put in. On another note, many probably can’t be bothered to re-apply their sunscreen.

If you’re still here, thank you for reading! What are your thoughts on this new innovation? Are you willing to give it a try? The Compact UV will retail for RM175 at Dior counters. Have you seen this at your local Dior counter yet?


xoxo Lily


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