Lucky & Avenue: Dior Addict Extreme

I’ve decided to feature the next Dior Addict Extreme style extract Lucky. The main colour is 536 Lucky (duh!), and the 2 other shades are 667 Avenue and 366 Pink Icon. I don’t have Pink Icon with me, so for this post, I’ll only feature two. This post is mainly to show you the swatches. I’ll have a summary post of the texture and feel in a later post.


Lucky is named after one of Christian Dior’s favourite models, a supermodel of the 50s. Her real name was Lucie Daouphars (1922-1963). She was a household name back then, a fashion icon, as is Kate Moss today. Here is a photo of them side by side.



Lucky, the style extract, is a trio of bold daring pinks, for the fashionista in you. You will see the swatch below (Lucky, Avenue), swiped 4 times on my arm. Since they are both from the same style extract, the colours do not vary too much. They are both bold pinks, in different under tones. Just like Incognito – nudes in different shades. What I like about these bold shades is that I can also wear them sheer for a subtle stain on my lips.


Lucky is a bright pink with slight blue undertones, and for it to show up really bold, I am wearing about 4 to 5 layers here, using a lip brush. Colour, blot, colour, blot, you get the idea. I find this shade playful and lively.



Avenue is a warmer pink with hints of red. This shade is more flattering on me, I find. What do you think? I’ve been wearing this shade for work and have been getting compliments =)



These 2 colours brighten a look the instance you swipe on your lips. On days I’m super lazy, just a swipe of either Lucky or Avenue will bring colour to my face. From these pictures, which one is calling to you? Lucky or Avenue?



xoxo Lily


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