Quality Interrupted: MUFE Aqua Creams

It is no surprise that Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams have been getting raving reviews. There were so many positive reviews online that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. There is no MUFE retail counter in my city, so fellow blogger Sukie offered to help me get it. She got it from Parkson at The Gardens, Midvalley Mega Mall in Kuala Lumpur. I hope she survived because my encounters with MUFE SAs have been less than average.



When I opened the package, my initial observation was the weight. It was light. The packaging, other than the paper box, was plastic, felt like cheap plastic. Oh-kay. Not a good start. Here is what it looks like, unopened (refer photo below). Do you notice something amiss? Or rather, some extra decoration on the lid? Yup, scratches. I am not fussy about packaging, because well, I’ll probably scratch it myself sooner or later. However, it was strike one to start with.



I opened the lid to check out the shades. They were the 2 shades I was attracted to, from all the online swatches. #2 is a pewter / silver and #15 is a bronzy taupe. Do you notice something amiss AGAIN? See pot on the left: a very obvious crack! *jaw drop, not in a good way* Strike 2.

I immediately checked the box for date of manufacturing. Both were manufactured early 2010. If my calculations are correct, that is 2 years ago. Sukie kindly went back to check with them and found out all their Aqua Creams are made in 2010. Shouldn’t old stock be pushed out through warehouse sales? The plastic tub doesn’t look like it will be air tight. I immediately think of its shelf life. Gosh, what about quality control? That’s Strike 3 in my book.



I am being super patient here, restraining myself from jumping up and down. No biggie, I tell myself. After I swatch it, the crack will be gone. I was worried the product is off, or expired. It is a cream product after all. One more chance, I tell myself. So, here are the swatches, #2 then #15. Quite true to pan. #15 turns out more of a warm bronze than a taupe, but it’s OK. Left is a heavy swatch, right is swatched lightly.



When swatched using my fingers, the texture is super soft, to the point of having too much product stuck on my fingers. I don’t know if this is normal, but I tried swatching them using a brush, and they were OK. I was having second thoughts about trying them out on my eyes, but I braved myself. I had a first aid kit handy, just in case 😉 Tried #15 on my eyes. Once. Saved! Haven’t tried #2 yet. The hold is just as promised. It did not crease on my oily lids even without a primer and it lasted the whole day until I took off my makeup at night.



These Aqua Creams don’t come cheap. They cost RM97 a pop, flimsy packaging, with lots of flaws for a brand new product. However, the shadows, well, save #2 since I haven’t tested it on my eyes yet, work fine. For how much longer? I wouldn’t know. Obviously, I am being short changed. Am I being too soft on them? Should I step up and demand for an exchange? In Malaysia, product returns are not vastly practised. Even if an exchange is granted, all are manufactured in 2010 anyway! What would you do if you were in my position?

ps: Sukie, for the 100th time, please do not blame yourself or feel bad. It is not your fault at all!


xoxo Lily





  • Sukie

    Hello my lovely, I forgot to mention that I purchased this from MUFE’s island shop at The Gardens but for some reason te Aqua Creams had Parkson price tags on them! 🙁 can’t help still feeling bad though! 🙁

    • Lily

      Thanks for letting me know. I’ll amend accordingly =)

  • Connie De Alwis

    I’d probably be a tad annoyed with the crack but I’ve had worse. My Benefit cream shadow came in from the US. It appeared to have melted and then hardened back again so it looked totally distorted in the jar! Works fine though

    • Lily

      Thing is, this was sold at the retail store. It works fine, I’m still annoyed but I hope I’m not overreacting. 10 hours spent at work on a Saturday doesn’t help either. LOL!

  • Jamilla

    I think you need to either get a refund or exchange them – sounds like a shipping/warehouse problem!

    • Lily

      I would say warehouse problem. Found out this MUFE store will close down this month (Sephora exclusive) and I hope they’re not doing this to get rid of old stock.

  • Hanny Daforcena

    Wow… I did NOT expect that to happen from MUFE at all. *sighs* it all seems very very shady to me…

    Hope none of this happens in the future.

    • Lily

      I hope so too! I don’t think this gives the brand a very good image. I remember you experienced really bad customer service from them too, right?

      • Hanny Daforcena

        Yep!!! At Starhill’s Sephora. Bleh

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Oh gosh, I’d be pretty angry too! How long do these stay good for after they are manufactured? Should’t they stop selling them at some point? I would really really complain to try to get a refund/exchange!

    • Lily

      Yeah, you'd think they're more diligent, but the SA said the shelf life of these Aqua Creams is 3 years. So, they can still sell it.

  • Wynnce

    I don’t like this cream too!! I got mine in One Utama, and I think they are pretty fresh by the time I got them. But now, it is crack too… It is too drying on my skin and hardly blend them to the right coverage. Don’t like it and I believe they are more better options out there…Waterproof might be their only good thing.

    • Lily

      You’re right. Waterproof is the only good thing. It doesn’t budge but really drying. Oh well, no more repeat purchase, that’s for sure!

  • The problem is I think to do with the local distribution of MUFE. Its a slow going brand here and I’m told that other than being sold at Sephora, they’re pulling out their other standalone counters. I don’t like their SAs (never had good service ever) so I don’t buy locally. This might explain the old stock. No excuses for it though. I have one of the Aqua Creams but I think I prefer either Shiseido or Benefit or maybe even Chanel.

    • Lily

      You’re right about the local MUFE. Oh well, lesson learned.