Indulging your body with Nature’s Lab Body Whip

Let’s get some things straight. I am a super sloth when it comes to applying body lotion. Most of those I have tried left me slippery, and leaving greasy prints everywhere I go. My requirement of a good body lotion is something light weight, absorbs quickly, moisturising and subtle in scent. Some lotions give me a headache – the scent is too strong for my taste. If your requirements match mine, then take a look at Nature’s Lab Body Whip.


The Body Whip comes in a plastic jar that is hard to break. I’ve dropped this so many times, I’m about to declare myself a clutz. Thank goodness for the new packaging. When I first bought the Body Whip a couple of years back, it was in a heavy glass jar that looked like a cookie jar. If I dropped that, RIP Body Whip, for sure. There are also 2 versions, Refreshing Body Whip (contains grapeseed extracts) and Soothing Body Whip (contains green tea extracts) which is what I bought. The Soothing version, I find, has a lighter scent.



Soothing Body Whip contains shea butter, cocoa butter, green tea and chamomile extracts. I was told that this lotion, other than moisturizing the body, gives a scent of relaxation, and it is good to unwind from a hard day. Well, this probably isn’t written in black and white, just a sales pitch, but I do like the scent. It is a subtle soothing scent for the soul. I also love the texture of the lotion. It is light like runny whipped cream. It goes onto skin like melted butter, like ice on a hot pan. It absorbs into skin almost immediately, leaving skin smooth and supple. There is no greasy residue at all and I even apply it to the soles of my feet. When I walk on my marble floor bare foot, I do not leave any unwanted footprints. I washed my hands 3 minutes after I applied the Body Whip all over my body, and NO greasy residue yet again. Awesome! I hope the photo below shows the texture of the Body Whip. Otherwise, it is rendered useless and a waste of blog space. LOL!



For those of you who are a bit particular about what you put on your skin, here is the list of ingredients. Yes, I see alcohol. Nature’s Lab Body Whip’s retail price is RM98 which is steep. I had a RM30 voucher at that time, so I got it for RM68 instead. It is definitely a splurge in exchange for a texture I love. My skin is moisturised and I don’t feel sticky under my sheets. Compared to L’occitane, this is still a bargain.



To summarize, good stuff only if you’re in splurge mode. I probably will not repurchase this all the time … only when I feel like indulging myself. This bestseller can be found at TNS Skin L@b stores nationwide or you can check out their online store which offers free shipping within Malaysia. They also ship worldwide at a fixed rate.

Do you pamper yourself once in a while? What is your most indulgent splurge for your body?


xoxo Lily

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Hmmm this looks delicious (for some reason the name body whip just reminds me of whipped cream or something. Maybe I’m weird)! I definitely need some lotion (especially in winter), but I generally stick to Eucerin ones because they work well (bye bye itchy dry skin) and are reasonably-priced. I think the last time I splurged for my body was getting a tub of Philosophy the Gingerbread Man scrub. Otherwise I have a very practical approach when it comes to shower gels/lotions and so on!

    • Lily

      This is definitely a naughty splurge for me, but with the discount vouchers, it wasn’t so bad. I’m not too good with body lotions, forget to apply until I’m too sleepy to bother… so one tub like this lasts me a long time. LOL!

      • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

        I used to have this kind of luxury in Taiwan. Now that I’m in Belgium I’d start itching BAD if I don’t do it systematically!

        • Lily

          Oh gosh, I remember how bad it was when I was in Minnesota, in winter. Skin got a little crazy… I feel you!

  • xin

    my current love is the rose body milk in loccitane, it smells divine and quite long lasting, and most importantly quite moisturizing. it’s pricey so i have to skimp on using it ><

    • Lily

      Oh yes, I tried loccitane’s body milk too. Delicious! But yeah, pricey ;-P Do you have a more affordable one that works for you? I have a bottle of Garnier at home but it’s a bit slippery…