Sneak Peek: Dior Addict Extreme

I can’t wait for April. Why? Well, it’s the launch of Dior Addict Extreme lippies in Malaysia, of course! I haven’t been so excited about a range of lipsticks before, but these look mouthwatering! I am immediately taken by the shade worn by Kate Moss. I like the makeup too, extended cat eye, wispy lashes and contoured cheeks.


There are 12 shades in this collection and this formula promises just the right amount of shine and pigment, more comfort, more hold. Separated into 4 style extracts, Dior Addict Extreme lipsticks offer you a range of natural nudes to bold drama.

Incognito The Elegance of Beige. A Minimalist Chic Style. It shade: A chic, discreet greige.

Lucky Daring Pinks. The Fashion Dress Code. It shade: Kate’s shade: a bold dazzling pink.

Plaza Depth and Intensity. Extreme Glamour. It shade: A mauve pink infused with petals.

Riviera Sunny Shades. Cruise Elegance. It shade: An electric coral reminiscent of sunny stopovers.



I am loving the look of pinks and corals, the brighter ones in the middle of the lineup. Which one caught your eye?


xoxo Lily