Multi Tasking Powder: Dior Light Amplifying Face Powder

I decided to post this in place of my Sunday Sharings because  … One. This is a limited edition product that was launched in March. Two. I didn’t write about it until now because I couldn’t bring myself to use it. Three. I saw this powder at my local Dior counter just recently, so I’m quickly posting this to let you know and you don’t have to throw stones at me ;-p What is it? It is a beautiful powder by Dior, called the Light Amplifying Face Powder.


Now do you know what I mean about me not having the heart to use it? This powder has 4 stripes run across it, with snowflakes on top. Yes, with glittery silver overspray. It is a beautiful palette that got me wondering if it’s a blush or a finishing powder. Once I swatched it, well, yes, it is a finishing powder that brightens the face.



If you were wondering if it gave off too much pigmentation, let me assure you that it doesn’t. The peach colour doesn’t show up much on my warm complexion. In fact, this is my multi tasking powder! The top stripe is a more pigmented peach and I use it all over my lids to give it a subtle glow. The second stripe down is a light pink and the third stripe down is a matte yellow and I combine these two to form the best setting powder over my undereye concealer. The stripe at the bottom is a shimmery peach which is great for highlighting my brow bones and the top of my cheeks. Then, with a bigger brush, I swirl it over the whole palette and use it as a setting powder.

Photo below shows what the palette looks like without the silver overspray, and the individual swatches of the horizontal stripes, top down.


The powder is finely milled and the shimmers aren’t over the top. I have been using this for more than a month every single day and I haven’t even put a dent to it. I think this will last me a while, and I’m glad. In fact, I liked it so much that I bought a spare. Limited edition stuff gets me that way. This light amplifying powder retails for RM170 and if you like this, I suggest going to get it while you can. I know I did!

Do you use setting powders? Have you tried anything that is as multi tasking as this, that is not limited edition?


xoxo Lily


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