Diorsnow D-NA Control White Reveal Day Essence: Love it!

I started my relationship with DiorSnow 10 years ago, when I was still in my 20’s. It worked wonders on my skin back then, but I stopped purchasing it because I couldn’t afford to. My love for it is rekindled, as I use Diorsnow D-NA Control White Reveal Day Essence. It’s a mouthful, so I’ll just call it Diorsnow Day Essence. I started using this essence when my skin was in bad condition. That was 2 months ago. I detailed the progression weekly and I will share with you my skin’s transformation. Before we start, here is what Dior has to say:

Dior has selected a rare and precious water of extreme purity from the very heart of Iceland’s thousand-year-old glaciers: Icelandic Glacial(TM) Water. For the first time, Dior combines the Transparency Enhancing Complex (T.E.C.), the most complete brightening technology, with Icelandic Glacial Water for boosted whitening effectiveness. Spectacular results: Immediately, the skin is illuminated with a flawless and even transparency that is intensified day after day.

The fresh and opalescent Diorsnow D-NA Control White Reveal Day Essence delivers the highest concentration of ingredients for particularly rapid and lasting brightening results with every application. Day after day, these ingredients brighten the complexion, while helping to visibly reduce dark spots and prevent their appearance. Intensely moisturized, fresh and luminous, the skin glows with an extremely pure transparency. Even the most stubborn dark spots are diminished to reveal brighter and perfectly even skin, today and tomorrow. Tested on Asian skin under dermatological supervision.


Initial skin condition, either from hormones, stress or product testing gone wrong (I believe it’s the latter). Left face: 3 large acnes on my cheek, brown acne marks at the hollow of my cheek and a huge submerged acne that hurt like hell, but couldn’t be popped on my jaw. Right face: 2 dark acne marks on hairline, 2 smaller pimples on my cheek and lots of tiny little bumps on my jawline. Forehead: Very bumpy at the middle of my forehead. Yes, condition was very bad. From experience, Dior products hardly broke me out, so I went ahead with this serum with hopes of lightening some marks and brightening the overall dull complexion. Completely out of my expectation, Diorsnow Day Essence is like my shining star.



The pearlescent serum hydrates my skin nearly immediately. With continuous use, day and night (yes, I use it at night even if it says Day Essence), I saw improvements week after week. Of course, the breakouts would stop since I discontinued using the product I was allergic to. By Day 14, my skin looks more even and my pimples started to disappear and dry out. However, pores around my nose did not appear any smaller. After a month, my skin looks somehow softer – less rough surface. Now, I have used this Day Essence for more than 60 days and all I can say is, my skin is looking better! Acne marks lightened considerably (with the extra help of Clinique’s spot targeting serum) and more importantly, skin does look brighter and more luminous. There is no flaking or dry patches and my skin was kept well hydrated even without the use of Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (which has been in my nightly routine. I took this out of my regiment to test this product).



I’m not even going to talk about the packaging or the texture of the serum because even though they are typically luxurious Dior, all I want to tell you is that it worked GREAT on my skin. What used to be dull, sallow and bumpy is now brighter with a hint of rose of my cheeks. I am not exaggerating, cross my heart. There are definitely other similar products in the market that probably work the same. Shiseido White Lucent was all I raved about last year….took 2 bottles and 6 months to accomplish this, but Diorsnow took 60 days and less than a bottle. I still have 1 visible acne mark on my left cheek and some very much faded ones on my jawline. My forehead is still just a little dry, but no more bumps. Freckles did not lighten and my pores are still very much visible around my nose.



Because this worked so well, I purchased the night essence, hoping that the combination of these 2 will be even more effective. If you have similar skin condition as mine (combination dry/oily, prone to pimples, marks that take lifetimes to disappear), this is worth a try. However, this essence doesn’t come cheap. A decade ago, I bought the Diorsnow Essence for about RM300 and today, this newly formulated essence with Icelandic Glacial Water costs RM435 for 50ml. Still cheaper than Shiseido White Lucent which costs RM410 for 30ml.

I believe that the best makeup is good skin. If it is still within my means, I will splurge. I do wish my skin loves something that costs quarter of the price, but such is life, eh! I am now also using Dior One Essential range to remove toxins and boost the efficacy of all my skincare, so stay tuned for reviews on them (face serum, eye serum & mask). This time, I will be sure to give you before/after photos to put your skeptical minds at ease.

Do you use any serums or essence? Have you tried any Dior skincare range before? What about whitening products? What works for you? I’d love to read your experiences and learn from you as well!


xoxo Lily


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  • lyn

    This essence sounds really good but I need to try finishing up some of my serums / essences before getting another. I have a bit too many things at the moment 😉 Is it heavily scented? I find most French skincare to be rather perfumed and it puts me off.

    • Lily

      Dior skincare doesn’t have that much scent. Maybe my nose isn’t too sensitive, but it is definitely not like Chanel, where the fragrance is really pronounced – like putting perfume on the face. I’m really loving my routine now. Gonna do another post on my latest skincare routine with before after pictures to show you the improvement!

  • Still not sure about this one. Its not drying but I’m not sure its working out for me either or maybe I’ve hit a plateau. But One Essential is going to be a keeper. I’ve strayed for a bit to try something else but I know deep down, I’m going back to that one 🙂

    • Lily

      Oh gosh, I agree on One Essential. I have changed my skincare routine completely to mostly Dior, and my trusted ANR, and there is visible improvement on my skin. I can’t wait to show all of you. I’m rather excited… fingers crossed, this excitement won’t jinx the improvement. Hate that. LOL! If I remember correctly, you mentioned you prefered the Shiseido and Clinique one? For my skin, Diorsnow has given my skin a much needed boost. Maybe it’s also due to One Essential lately, but for this post, I wasn’t on it yet. I guess my skin loves Dior after all. Sigh… wish it would like something cheaper. Hahaha!

  • Hanny Daforcena

    Am glad that it works for you! Can’t say much about Dior due to my non-existent income HAHAHAHA.

    I have found a serum that worked wonders on me though, which is the Khiel’s Ultra Facial Micro Serum that eliminated the “oily” feeling on my skin that made me paranoid about oil control so much that I dried my skin out (if that makes sense at all).

    • Lily

      Dior works for me, for sure! You might want to go easy on skincare for now, because your skin is still young… something milder perhaps? Serums are great… but skin is such an individual thing. My apple might be another’s poison!

      • Lulu

        But this product sounds not so well as all mentioned above. I am allergic with it the third time using

        • A classic example of what works for me might not work for you. I’m sorry you’re allergic to it. Did you sample before purchasing? I’m allergic to some skin care, giving me breakouts, etc but my skin is quite tolerant of all Dior products. That’s why it’s my favourite brand 🙂

  • cc

    Been using this religiously everyday for the past 3 years.. all because after 2 weeks of initial use, my hubby suddenly commented, ‘hmm dear, you look fairer and radiant.’ And no, I was not ironing his shirts while he said that!! :p

    • Lily

      I’m so happy someone agrees with me! I’m sure your husband praised you sincerely. Men don’t usually notice these things but when they do, we are so excited. LOL!