FOTD: Fishtail Wing or something like that

What the heck is a fishtail wing? I don’t know. Everyone does cat eyes, so I do a fish eye. LOL… It’s just a name I came up with. It is another version of double winged eyeliner look which I recently posted. That one is more dramatic, and this is a softer version which is easily worn. It is the look I wore for the Dior Addict Extreme Plaza post. To refresh your memory, here is a close up of the eye.


You will see that the eyeliner is winged out, but both the lines are not perpendicular. In fact, it is like a horizontal ‘V’ shape. This is a much easier line to draw because you don’t have to worry if the lines are smooth or if they are of the same angle. With this, you really have to do a normal cat eye, then extend the lower line downwards. It doesn’t make the eyes look droopy because you still have another liner that flicks up. It balances the whole look. I only used a black pencil liner to lightly draw it, and using an angled liner brush dipped in black eyeshadow, I went over the lines and smudged them out a little. The lines are kept soft, definitely not a clean, crisp line. The dirty bronze gold you see on my lids and the lower lashline is Urban Decay Smog eyeshadow.



I am wearing Dior Addict Extreme in Avenue to brighten the whole look, and just a teeny bit of pink on the cheeks. I used MAC Cremeblend Blush in Posey, a very lovely natural rosy pink.

I hope you liked today’s look and that you’ll give it a try. If you replicated this FOTD, I’d love to have a look! Have a great day ahead and thanks for reading 🙂


xoxo Lily