Do you use remover for your lips? Kanebo Lip Fresh to the test

I’ve been doing quite a few lip swatches lately, and I finally put the Kanebo Lip Fresh to the test. If you have experienced removing one lip colour after another with a tissue, you’ll know that by the third try, your lips would have looked dry and chapped. Not to mention the colours you try on might look different – there is still some stain left from the previous lip colour you tried. Kanebo Lip Fresh helps a lot because two swipes of it take the colour off completely, and lips are still moisturised, ready for another application.


It comes in a little bottle and the remover is like water. There is no oil in this remover, which I like. I’d like to be able to apply the next colour without having to worry about the oily residue from the remover. I liked to use it with a cotton pad and wipe my lips gently with it but not any more. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been accidentally ‘eating’ this remover. The taste is definitely not something I like – a little salty, a little bitter, just plain weird. My solution to this is removing with a cotton bud. Takes more work, but at least I don’t get the after taste anymore. Cotton pads absorbs too much product.



I suppose any other lip remover works just the same, but this one is affordable and I can take photos of lip swatches one after another without having to worry about chapped lips. If I’m not mistaken, it’s in the range of RM30 to RM40, if anyone would like to point it out to me. I got this as a gift with purchase and it’s not my first bottle either. After taste aside, this is an affordable gem.

Edited: I got this from purchasing makeup from Kanebo. So, I presume you can purchase this at Kanebo counters nationwide.

Have you tried this before? Do you find you need to use a lip makeup remover?


xoxo Lily