Up to Expectations: L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows

The L’Oreal Paris Infallible Eyeshadows. Who hasn’t heard of this, please raise your hands. These eyeshadows are a hot item in the blogosphere and I finally know why. These are not available in Malaysia yet, but I heard that we will get them… in time. I got mine from Ulta, in 2 wearable shades that compliment my skin tone: Golden Sage and Bronzed Taupe. Now, the names are something that confuse me because apparently, the names differ according to where you are in the world. I don’t like that. Makes life difficult. Bleh.



These eyeshadows are being compared to Armani Eyes To Kill but since I haven’t used the latter, I cannot comment. What I can say though, is that these are pressed powders, not cream. I received Bronzed Taupe a little broken. Well, the powders are kinda all over the place as you can see in the photos below. The lid that protects the powder is also great to press it back into place. If I were you, I’d keep this lid handy. Do not throw.



The eyeshadow itself is soft and very pigmented. It still creases on my oily lids if I applied it without a primer, but when I do, it stays on the whole day without signs of fading. Uber awesome! Both the shades that I got have a shimmery finish, but they are not glittery at all. There is a sheen that coats the colour so when it reflects light in a different way, the colour itself looks a little different. No, it’s not duochrome, just that it catches light at different angles, making your eyes look 3 dimensional even when wearing a single eyecolour.



I have been wearing only Bronzed Taupe for work every day and it’s a good work colour. I like to apply it by dabbing onto my lids using my finger, and then blend out the edges with a blending brush. Pairing it with a brown liner makes the look more subtle, but I also sometimes tightline using a black liner to make the eyes pop. Golden Sage is also a very pretty day appropriate colour, but I haven’t given it a good ‘workout’ yet. Slowly… but surely, I will get to it.

There are quite a few other colours available and I am anticipating its launch in Malaysia. I have my eye on a certain blue and purple. This is something I definitely recommend. Little pigmented highstreet gems that don’t irritate my eyes at all. Have you tried this yet?


xoxo Lily


  • I’m really hoping this will arrive in Malaysia soon! I think both the colours you chose are really nice, especially the Golden Sage. Also wishing that the Maybelline 24 Hour Tattoo eyeshadows will arrive soon. >_<

    • Lily

      Not sure when we will get it but hopefully soon. I heard that we might not get it too so not sure. Maybelline tattoo Yes! I’m waiting too !

  • Charlotte Yean Er Goh

    Hi Lily,

    I’m wondering where did you get this from? I’ve been trying to get this online but don’t really know which online store carries them.

    • Lily

      Hi Charlotte I got mine through sgdrugstore and the shadows are from ulta.

  • I think Golden Sage is similar to Permanent Kaki based on your & my swatches but I honestly don’t know what L’Oreal is thinking labelling them differently in different places 😛 I love these, and have gotten more since hehe…

    • Lily

      l am so gonna get more when I’m in Oz. And yes the naming issue – What were they thinking ?

  • Shamaine

    Hi Lily, the golden sage looks nice, cant wait to see your ‘workout’ 😉

    when r u getting the purple n blue one? im interested too ^^ hehe…

    • Lily

      I will be getting them when I’m in oz. Call me!

  • Michelle Beh

    I heard a lots of good raves of these!! Unfortunately I haven’t try any of these. Hope that it will launch in Malaysia soon so that I can get my hands on them =)

    • Lily

      Hi Michelle, I know, right? It will be awesome if we got it here. Fingers crossed we will get it soon!

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Yay I’m glad to hear you like them too! Bronzed Taupe looks so good on you!

    I have this in Purple Obsession (Perpetual Purple in the US) and Emerald Lame which I won in a giveaway. It doesn’t crease on me so that’s already more than impressive!

    • Lily

      I am definitely getting more of these when I’m in oz. good stuff!

  • amberluvs

    Hello Lily,

    I didn’t know ulta do ship internationally.Last time I checked it do not ship to international address.Is this the ulta you are talking about?

    • Lily

      Ulta doesn’t ship internationally. I got it through sgdrugstore which help me ship to Malaysia

      • amberluvs

        Thanks for the info Lily.Now I know how to get stuffs from ulta & sephora. Never knew about it before.I only used to buy from Kiss & Makeup,thanks for your previous post on the online shopping love.Keep on sharing reviews & info in the future ^^

        • Lily

          Hi Amberluvs, I’m glad I managed to shed some light on how to purchase from online sites that do not ship worldwide. Ryan from sgDrugstore is quite busy because she is still a student, and her exam schedules will cause some delays… but overall, she’s lovely to deal with. You can also contact her through her Facebook page (look for sgDrugstore).

  • site

    How come you dont have your web site viewable in mobile format? Can not see anything in my iPad.

    • Lily

      Hi site, I don’t have any problems with my iPad though. I’ll look into it. Thanks for your feedback 🙂