Elegance with Plaza: Dior Addict Extreme

Before I started blogging, I always shied away from bold lips. Now, nearly a year after, I find strong lips aren’t that intimidating anymore. That’s what blogging did to me. I dare to wear colours on my lips! Featured here are the 3 shades in style extract Plaza. They are 476 Plaza, 857 Princess and 987 Black Tie.


The Plaza style extract is a category of colours that deliver a look that says chic and elegant. Think Princess Di and Rita Hayworth. When I first saw the colours, I was quite intimidated. They are definitely much more pigmented than the rest, just dabbing it lightly on the lips will already give a pronounced stain.



The most interesting shade here, I find, is Black Tie. It looks black, it looks dark plum and when swatched, it is somewhat aubergine plum. The swatches below are done on my arm (swiped 3 times), photo taken in natural light. What’s more interesting is how they actually look on the lips.


L->R: Plaza, Princess, Black Tie

Plaza is a bold pink and if I could describe it, I’d say it’s a grown up pink. It is on the cool side but when paired with pink cheeks, it works on my warmer skin tone too. Princess is a creamy red and I’m not sure why but it reminds me of Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries. The creamy texture of the lipsticks adds shine to the colour, making it more wearable and chic. If they were matte, I would probably use the word ‘mod’.

Of the 3 colours, I love Black Tie most. It was the most daunting to wear but this one is sophisticated and classy. I love it so much that I decided to post it without the distraction of others. In the photo below, I wore it heavy to show you the colour. I also wear it by lightly dabbing it onto my lips as a stain.

See how gorgeous the colour is? It swatched plum but when on my lips, it is a darker burgundy bluish red which is breathtaking. I think it looks really glam when paired with black liner and heavy lashes. What do you think?

So here you are, the 3 shades in Plaza style extract. Which one caught your attention?

xoxo Lily

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