Sigma Premium Travel Kit : An All Rounder

I usually like to purchase brushes individually. Sets, I find, somehow lack something. They might have good face brushes, but don’t have the eye brushes that I like and vice versa. I like to have brushes that multi task, and after much searching, trial and error, I have finally found one that does all the basics and a little more.


This travel set comes with a tapered face brush, a duo fibre pinched blush brush, a large concealer brush, a large eye brush, a tapered blending brush, a smudge brush and a small eye liner brush. Nearly all these brushes can multi task, which I like. I chose the bright pink/fuchsia handles and they are neon enough to attract the attention of 2 and 4-year-olds. LOL. The travel set comes with a little pouch which houses all these brushes, and smaller makeup essentials in a zipped compartment.

The tapered face brush is a multi tasker when it comes to powdered face products. You can use it to apply finishing powder, bronzer, blush and even powder foundation. The duo fibre brush is to apply your blush, but I also use it to buff in liquid foundation, buff in cream blush and it can also be used to apply bronzer or loose powder. The large concealer brush is handy to blend out undereye concealer, but I like to use it to apply highlighter at the top of my cheek bones. This is a synthetic brush.

The large eyeshadow brush is big enough to apply eyeshadow on your lids with one swipe. I also use it to apply highlight on my brow bone. If you feel like it, you can use it to dab powder over your undereye concealers too. The tapered blending brush is great to apply colour at your crease and I use it to blend out anything and everything. The tip is small enough to get to the smaller areas but on my eyes, it would be a little too messy to use it at the inner corners of my eyes. For that, I use the smudge brush. I usually use it to smudge out pencil liners but I find this brush a little scratchy. So, I apply using a very light hand or it will irritate my eyes. Lastly, the small eye liner brush. This synthetic brush is good to apply cream/gel eye liner and it is especially great to spot conceal little post acne marks!

I consider this set a multi tasker and all rounder because I can just pack this set to travel and I won’t need more. You can have a look at these brushes at the official Sigma Beauty website <click here> and there are a few versions of these set (in different colours).

Shape wise, they are very comparable to MAC. At one point, even their brush numbering is similar, which created some hooha about it being a rip off of MAC. I own quite a few MAC brushes too, and even though the shape is very similar, it is different when it comes to quality of the brush hairs. From my experience, these Sigma brushes do bleed and sometimes you do get some brush hair on your face. However, I always think of the price I paid. If you want your brushes to be of tip top condition after many years, and if you want your brushes to feel like baby’s breath on your face, then, Sigma is not your answer. Not even MAC. I would suggest Hakuhodo and Suqqu but then again, they are of a whole different category, with a very different price range.

Have you tried Sigma brushes before? Did you buy into their hype? What is your favourite makeup brush, whatever brand it is?

xoxo Lily

  • Hanny Daforcena

    I love Sigma brushes! Except for my flat top kabuki which shed all over and the top fell off when I was pulling out the stray hairs (Must have been due to over-rigorous washing, that one), they’ve worked for me most beautifully.

    • Lily

      Oh wow, that’s the first I hear about the top falling off?! Gotta treat your brushes gently. Haha!

  • Sabrina

    the hot pink color is just a beauty! hehe…

    i really like the bag but i dont really like the brush.. 🙁

    i wish i can buy the bag and insert the bunny collection brush in it.

    • Lily

      I haven’t tried the bunny collection yet, but I find Real Techniques brushes are really good and so much cheaper! They are both synthetic, so I gave sigma bunny a miss. Have you tried Real Techniques yet?

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Thanks for sharing, Lily! I haven’t tried any Sigma brushes yet, but I really do want to! I’ve heard too much about their Kabuki brush, and generally speaking people give positive reviews about them.

    My FAVORITE brush probably has to be MAC 217. I wouldn’t know how to do eye makeup without it!

    • Lily

      I love the 217 too! It’s such a multi tasker, that one =) Sigma has quite a few brushes, and if you’re looking for something rather affordable, with OK quality, then this is it. If you’re looking for something that’ll last for years and years with really soft natural hairs, then this will definitely NOT be the one for you. Yes, I have the kabuki brushes too. I like the angled and flat one for foundation.

  • i have a complete kit and eye kit. i bought them because of the hype in the blogsphere. i was over the moon when i got them initially because i didn’t have many brushes to begin with. after more than a year, the good ones are still good, the ones that sheds and bleeds continue to shed and bleed. my fav is the freebie blending brush. considering the price which is more affordable than named brand, it’s something good to start with. however if you can afford it, yes, there are better brushes.

    • Lily

      I also own both the professional and premium kits, ever since Sigma was first launched! I find that the early batches were softer and I didn’t experience as much bleeding or shedding with the britles. I think the newer versions aren’t as good anymore. Maybe it’s due to mass production, who knows!

  • milktea

    Hi Lily! 🙂 Just wondering which brush(es) from this set is your least-liked? I read a post that compared ecotools brushes from their sets with the single brushes (u get me, right?). The set brushes did not hold their shape so well after washing and seemed less dense. Can’t remember who did this post, but what are ur thoughts?

    • Lily

      Hi milktea! I think I use the eyeliner brush least… and the smudge brush is a little scratchier than the one in the premium kit (long handle). I have only tried the bronzer brush from Ecotools so I can’t really compare. However, Ecotools brushes are all synthetic while these are a mixture of natural and synthetic hairs. I wash my brushes quite regularly because I always use brushes for application, but I don’t have any problems with the shape or density after wash. I usually shape them nicely before letting them dry. Having said that, I do have 2 eye brushes that I use the heck of (similar to MAC217 blending and MAC219 pencil) and they are not holding their shape any longer. It’s only been 2 years and I chucked them out. However, my MAC ones are still going strong. I’m trying not to ramble, so I hope I somewhat answered your question.
      If you have anymore, please feel free to ask. I’d be glad to help!

      • milktea

        Thanks for your reply, Lily! 🙂