One of my Makeup Storage

I usually prefer skincare or makeup as gifts with purchase, rather than bags or umbrellas. I’m very picky with my bags, and I hardly use an umbrella. Travel sized skincare and makeup are very handy and they are something I’d definitely use. However, when I saw this bag, I had to have it. It has since become a very useful storage tool.


It is a big soft PVC bag that has 3 additional individual bags of different sizes inside. It is great for travelling, because I can separate skincare from makeup and I can carry everything in just one bag. I have overused the bags a little and one of the bags, well, consider it resting peacefully somewhere. As you can see, now that I’m not travelling, I keep my unopened cosmetics / skincare here. It’s like an archive for me, to remind myself that I need to photograph these products before opening and using them. In the zipped up bag that you see, sitting inside the bigger bag are products I’m still testing, before publishing my posts.

The original bag handle is of the same PVC material as the bag but it broke. I cut it off and replaced it with these pretty beads. It is actually a bracelet that is too large for me, but too small as an anklet.



I wish brands came up with something as useful as this more often. Usually, brands give out totes and duffels which are of so-so quality, then there are toiletry bags which don’t get used often enough. More often that not, they become pencil cases for my little girls.

Is there any gift with purchase bag that you made good use of? Or do you prefer samples that you can use for sure?


xoxo Lily



  • Years ago i got an armani body bag with a perfume purchase. I have no idea what materials were used, nothing special i guess, but i used it almost everyday for 2 years. It’s still in one piece today. I also love samples as gifts. I cannot decide which is better. I prefer both 😉

    • Lily

      Hi Joanne, yes, if I could, I’d take both too… but more often than not, I do prefer samples. Maybe it’s because the bags don’t speak to me. LOL! But there are times when I take the bags, especially toiletry ones 🙂

  • xin

    a bit late – but i like how organized you are! i started from one single storage space and expanded to various locations. now sometimes every now and then i find something that i have yet to review (ooops) or having a hard time to recall where did i store them. so much for me trying to be organized =/

    • Lily

      I actually had the same issue previously! And I hated to search for things… And most of all, they sometimes end up in the girls’ toy box! I have no idea how my stuff got there (evil eyes at the 2 toddlers!).
      I had no choice but to organise it but I’m glad. So much better now 🙂