Monthend Randomness: Stress Management

I think all of us are subject to a certain degree of stress. This month has been a really bad one for me, and I had to maintain a clear mind so that my girls and my husband still get a relatively sane mother and wife. Given, it was hard to maintain a cheery disposition, but the best I could do was not murder any innocent victims. When you are stressed, what do you do?


If I’m like the picture above, I usually take time out. I know I won’t be able to focus at work, and I know I won’t be good company. So, I’ll take a work day off and just be with myself. I need the quiet alone time to collect all the shattering pieces of sanity and by the time the kids and hubby come home, I’ll be better. Some people I know cannot be left alone because their minds will wander to dark places. I find having a calm and peaceful picture in the head helps. Something like this…



It can be any mental picture that takes you to happiness. For me, another one would be shopping heaven and unlimited credit which I don’t have to pay for at the end of the month. LOL! If all else fails, I look for something really stupid and slapstick to laugh at. Some people tap into their inner child because that makes them comfortable. Well, I find toilet humour cracks me up.



Last but not least, look for a friend and talk it out. For me, it’s the last resort. I don’t like to bother people with negativity if I can handle it on my own. Sometimes, I also pull out a sad movie and cry it out but in the end, no matter how difficult it is, there will be a solution. We just have to face it bravely, acknowledge the problem that is causing stress and confront it with head held high. Once the problem is solved, we come out stronger and learn from it. Making the same mistake twice, well, that’s another story. Before I go, here’s another one for ya.



Hahahahaha!!! If you didn’t get the comic at all, then, well… pfft… slapstick aint’ good enuf for ya?!

How do you manage your stress level? What works for me might not work for you and should not work for all of you. We are individuals after all. So, what do you do? Do you talk it out, take it out on a punching bag, whip it and kick some ass with Tae Bo or put it all aside and pretend nothing happened?


xoxo Lily