Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm saved my lips

When I went to Melbourne Australia in the beginning of the month, the weather was cold and dry. My mom even suffered from a painful cold sore even though she applied lip balms generously. Luckily I didn’t suffer the same fate. I was using the Maybelline lip balm with lipstick on top, and found it rather tedious reapplying them! So I looked for a tinted lip balm when I was there.

I found these Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm at the pharmacy at Ackland Court St Kilda, and it retailed for AUD14.95 each. For all I know, I was buying it at a much higher price, but at that time, I didn’t really care (yes, now I do. Ugh!). I purchased 2 shades, Hibiscus and Rose.


The lip balms are housed in a cardbox cylinder which pulls open, revealing the brown plastic tube. I only kept the cardbox case until I took the photos below. They are now probably in some recycling factory. Burt’s Bees claims to use 100% natural ingredients, and the balm did protect my lips from being chapped and dry. I didn’t have to apply any lipstick on top because these are tinted (duh!). I applied the balm every 2 hours and I am going through the tube rather quickly.



The photo below shows Hibiscus on the left (used) and Rose on the right (new). I’m not sure why there’s a little cave in the middle of Hibiscus. I don’t think my lips could have done that. *hurries to check in front of the mirror* As you can see, the colours are very different in the tube. Hibiscus is a soft rosy shade, while Rose looks ridiculously red.



Here is the photo of them swatched, Hibiscus on the left, Rose on the right. You can hardly see Rose! Even worn on the lips, Hibiscus is more pigmented. Rose doesn’t show up much, other than giving a VERY slight tint of red. Hibiscus adds more colour to my lips, and you can go to my recent FOTD to have a look <click here>. I actually took photos of lip swatches, but they didn’t turn up very well. They seem to look the same to me.



I think I’m a little addicted to these little bees because I’ve been applying them every day even after I’m home. Also, I am determined to finish the 2 tubes I have because they are the most expensive lip balms I’ve ever purchased. Really. On a brighter note, my lips are now baby soft, and there is no sign of dryness at all. Awe-some! These lip balms taste a little sweet, initially, when your tongue lick your lips, but after a thorough research, they taste like wax. Yes, I ATE the lip balm just for the post. LOL! To those of you who are interested, ingredients are below:



There are 4 other shades (if I remember correctly) and if they weren’t so expensive after converting to my local currency, I would’ve bought them all. If you have seen these in Malaysia before, and if they’re WAY cheaper than what I’ve bought, remember… ignorance is bliss. Let me live in the world of denial… in peace. I would’ve punched myself if they are half the price here.

Have you tried these from Burt’s Bees before? Do you apply lip balms at all?


xoxo Lily