Chanel Perfection Lumiere: Tried and Tested

I initially planned for a review on DHC oil cleanser but decided to replace it with this instead. I mean, all I was going to say about DHC was that I paid RM99.90 for an oil cleanser that broke me out. AND I had a whole post to rant. So I decided to scrap that, and post this instead. Perfection Lumiere liquid foundation by Chanel.

This foundation was launched last year but Malaysia started carrying it only in May. I was lucky enough to purchase it before its official launch, a few days before 1 May 2012 (stock had arrived that evening itself!). I know you will ask me, so here: price is RM167. To sum it all up, I love this foundation! Here’s why.



First, the packaging. Heavy glass bottle, cool and smooth to touch, sturdy and luxurious. Typical Chanel. The bottle itself doesn’t attract finger prints, but the plastic cap does. I had to wipe off all traces of finger prints before I took the photos, and still, I managed to get some on there. If you are particular about where your product is manufactured, this 30ml foundation is made in France.



The bottle comes with a dispenser, and one squeeze of foundation is enough to cover the whole face. The foundation’s texture is gel-like, and I think the thick glass bottle keeps the foundation cool. When applied, there is a cooling sensation which is comfortable and soothing, especially when the weather is so hot lately. I have tried applying it with my fingers and with a brush. I of course, prefer applying using a brush, just because I like to keep my fingers clean.



This foundation gives medium coverage, and it is buildable. Below is an unprocessed photo, eagle eye analysis of my face, and I zoomed in on the area with the most problem. It’s weird because the other side of my face has minimal blemishes. It’s just my left side. UGH! Anyhoo, here it is *squirms* In general, redness is covered very well. Blemishes are also reduced in appearance, and mind you, there are no primers or concealers in the photo below. No powder either. I think the before after picture below speaks a thousand words. So, I will stop and let you analyse. *yikes*! For added coverage, I do dab concealer and the finish result is somewhat flawless.



Perfection Lumiere doesn’t add shine to my face, nor does it seep into pores like some long wearing foundations. It keeps my face dewy the whole day. It is supposed to have a soft matte finish, but on my combination oily skin, by the 5th hour, it is not matte anymore. However, like I said, it only makes my face look natural and glowy. I love it because it doesn’t make my face look flat. It is comfortable to wear, and it makes me look good. One thing I don’t like about it is the strong scent. The scent is much stronger than Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, but lucky for me, it dissipates pretty quickly.

Have you tried Perfection Lumiere already? What are your thoughts? If you haven’t, I do highly recommend it!


xoxo Lily