L’Oreal Paris Base Magique to the rescue!

Do you use face primers? Primers are (in general) to protect our face before we put on foundation. Of course, they help foundations go on smoother and stay on longer. I have really only used a handful of primers so far, from MUFE, Shu Uemura and Becca. They are mostly to correct my skintone and manage sebum production. I have not tried any pore minimizing primers or fillers until now, the L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer.



Here is what the brand has to say about this 15ml product.

Transform your bare skin texture:

A unique blend of silicon oils and soft light powders create a sensational smoothing velvet formula to refine the skin. Smooth wrinkles and fine lines, perfectly hide pores, skin imperfections are corrected. The rosy shade brings out the translucency on the bare skin tone. Apply primer alone or under foundation.

My first concern is of course whether it will break me out. This whole tub is mostly silica and it’s known to break out some people. Luckily, I am not one of them. The description by the brand, I find, is rather exaggerated, and I will explain why later.



I usually apply a very thin layer of this on my T-zone only. My pores are larger around my nose, and if this fills pores, I’d like to see if it works. The texture is quite stiff, like a balm, so you might need to warm up the primer between your fingers before gently applying a thin layer on problem areas. The photo below shows you the texture. It is not oily on me, nor does it get oily after a few hours. In fact, it controls shine quite well. Do not rub it in though. You will find some waxy texture on your fingers and face.



I’d forewarn those with high expectations after reading the brand’s claims. It does not hide pores perfectly, nor does it hide your fine lines. I really don’t know how it can hide imperfections, but what I can say is: It does help. The ‘before’ photo is taken bare face, after skin care, and the ‘after’ photo is BaseMagique applied on my pores without foundation either. I think you can see that the pores are somewhat blurred. Still noticeable, but less prominent, I’d say. When I apply foundation over it, the effect is rather lovely. Complexion does look smoother and foundation stays on longer. I have also tried using this on my whole face, but I don’t see the point in it because for me, it doesn’t do anything else but blurring some fine lines and large pores.



For those of you who are interested, here is the list of ingredients. Silicones galore ­čÖé



I don’t wear this very often, just on days when I want a more flawless finish for my liquid foundation. I have also worn this under my eyes to cover some fine lines, and like I said, it does work, to an extent. If you expected it to miraculously take away all signs of fine lines and pores, well, let me know once you have found a product like that.

Have you tried this before? The BaseMagique is available at local pharmacies such as Guardian and Watsons, as well as Sasa. The price is within the range of RM45-50. I think I bought mine when it was on discount. No harm trying it out. Have you used any pore minimizers that work?


xoxo Lily