Antipodes: Natural Aura Manuka Honey Mask

This is my first and only skincare product from Antipodes. It is  a well known brand from New Zealand that sells certified organic skincare products. Most of their products are blended with essential oils so you also benefit from the aroma therapy that comes with it. The product that caught my attention was the Natural Aura Manuka Honey Mask.



Cleanse deeply your skin and your spirit with this luscious face mask that leaves skin soothed and intensely hydrated. The traditional Maori remedy of manuka honey draws moisture to the skin, while the ruby red pohutukawa bloom contains one of nature’s finest antioxidants. Bring peace and balance to your aura with divine fragrances of vanilla pod and mandarin.

Daily Ritual: Smother smooth thick layers of this creamy mask over your face and neck at sunset, every glorious evening. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse with warm and pure water.



The mask comes in a tube that reminds me of toothpaste. You squeeze out the product just like you do every morning and night, and the texture of the mask is very creamy, smooth and buttery. It applies just as how it feels on my hands. I don’t apply too thick of a layer, and I leave it on for 10-15 minutes and wash off. There is a strong scent of vanilla and mandarin, a blend which is supposed to bring our spirit back to balance. I don’t know if I’m off balanced, but it is a soothing scent. The scent doesn’t go off until I wash off the mask. Those of you who are sensitive to fragrances might want to take a sniff of this mask before purchasing.



Once I wash off the mask, my skin is left soft to touch, smooth, and with smaller pores. Would you believe it? Smaller pores! Doesn’t last though. It also soothes and hydrates my skin. When I have blemishes, I apply this mask and it does tone down redness. Manuka Honey has healing properties that are beneficial even to problem skin. I like that this mask helps calm down aggravated skin and relaxes the surface.



Here is the list of ingredients of the mask. As you see, they are bio organic, mostly derived from plants found in New Zealand. I am not a chemist and I sucked at this subject when I was at school, but it is said that the ingredients are all natural. I don’t use this mask daily as recommended, but I do make sure I use it at least once a week. With my new skincare routine, combined with selected masks with different functions, I have been seeing general improvements to my problem skin.



I bought this mask at The SkinLab with discount and the price came to about RM130. Antipodes official website sells this for NZ$50 for the 75ml tube. Have you tried anything from Antipodes, or are you using any organic skincare at the moment?


xoxo Lily