Monthend Randomness: M is for May, M is for Melbourne

For the first 2 weeks of May, I spent my time with my family in Melbourne. The weather was cool (sometimes cold) and lovely, and so was shopping. LOL! Here are some photos I took, to show you snippets of the vacation. Come join me. If you’ve been there before, maybe this will bring you fond memories too =)


The first photo is to show you the beautiful colours of nature. It was a bright and sunny day, hot in fact, at 20 degree Celsius. We did the most touristy thing we could, and went to the Melbourne Zoo.



Let’s play a game – can you spot the snake? They make my toes curl, together with goose bumps… in a freaky way!



I love this photo… it is a church in the middle of the city, off Collins Street where Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel are located. Sitting in front of it while looking at the tall billowing trees above me was quite serene… then I was crudely woken up by the sounds of cars honking. I have to say, Melbourne-ites are very liberal with their honks. Impatient too!



We also found our way to Yarra Valley, and this is one of the reservoirs. Weather was windy and cloudy that day, so we decided to visit Chandon winery. Did some wine tasting and had some awesome food before going fishing. I caught a huge rainbow trout!



Food galore! Had all the above at Chandon and below are quite random. I forgot how huge the servings were, and the spaghetti I had for lunch was a kiddy meal. I also had my first ever macaroon there. Very good, but also EXTREMELY sweet! Taste better with hot coffee, without sugar, please.



Now for some shameless cam whoring. Left, trying to look chic and right, trying to look hip and failed miserably. Hahahaha! Also, who said a good camera is needed to take travel photos? All the photos you see here are taken using my Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone 8 Megapixel camera! If you followed me on Instagram (username ChloeAsh), you would’ve seen some of these photos already.



Have you had a vacation recently? Where did you go? If not, where would you like to go for a holiday and why?


xoxo Lily