My Oily Lids Solution

Oily lids? Eyeshadows creasing on you? Eye colours fade after the 3rd hour? I usually have this problem. My lids are oily and even long wearing eyeshadows crease and fade on me… that is, if I didn’t prime my eyes. Is an eye primer so important? If you have oily lids, yes. It makes a difference. I have tried a few, not necessarily an eye primer per se, could be cream shadows as well and these are my go-to products.


As you can see, the only eye primer is Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP), and that isn’t even my favourite. All three featured here match my skin undertone (warm yellow undertone) but of different shade intensity. They are Bone Long-Wear Cream Shadow from Bobbi Brown, Soft Ochre Paint Pot from MAC and UDPP in Eden. I wear these as bases and I layer powder eyeshadows over it.



They are unique in texture, but the one that lasts the longest is hands down Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow. The texture is the driest among the 3, but it stays on and lasts through vigorous sessions of pilates, where I sweat like a pig. There are many shades to choose from and the variety is attractive. MAC is the second best, the texture is less dry (I’m sure you can see that the paint pot is creamier than BB cream shadow in photo below) but in Malaysia, we only have limited shades to choose from. With the #902397445671243 collections that MAC comes up with every year, I’m sure you’ll be able to spot some limited edition paint pots too. UDPP Eden creases on me a little, but it’s OK for about 4-5 hours.



See the swatches below? For me, Eden matches my skintone best. With a base, eye shadows stay on much longer and colours don’t fade as fast. Different colour bases also change the colour of your eyeshadow. You can definitely have some fun with it. Have you tried ‘warming up’ a pink using a brown base? Have you darken a shadow by using a dark base? Or even brighten the shadow by using a white base… lots of fun to experiment!


L --> R: Bobbi Brown Bone, MAC Soft Ochre, Urban Decay Primer Potion Eden


What kind of base / primer do you use for your eyes? I love using coloured bases to add complexity to my eye colours. Have you tried that before? If you have, what combination do you like?


xoxo Lily


  • lyn

    I have MAC’s Soft Ochre too and it doesn’t work on me, still creased within 4 hours and felt a bit heavy although I used very little product. As for UDPP, thanks to your tip of warming it up first, it is working a lot better on me. Still creases but fairly minimal and usually towards the end of the day. I have not tried the BB one so I must go check it out soon 🙂

    • Lily

      The BB one lasts a long time! But some find it a bit dry. I’d love to know what you think. Hurry and go try it out 😀

  • Hanny Daforcena

    The UDPP lasts about 6-8 hours on me for eye shadows huhuhu! If I pair that with a paint pot, the eye makeup can last for around 12!

    • Lily

      I guess my lids are super oily! But yeah, when I use udpp and paint pot together, the lasting power is amazing! 🙂

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    I stick to the original UDPP for the most part, but I do like Maybelline 24-Hour Color Tattoo eyeshadows too! Those are about the only things that don’t crease on me. Even with Armani Eyes to Kill I need some UDPP to make it stay put for 12+ hours!

  • BooBooNinja

    Do you have difficulty blending eyeshadows over any of these primers/bases? I like mattes so blendability is important. 🙂

    • Lily

      I suppose blending is a little harder if you apply es directly over the creams, but still workable for me. I usually wait for the udpp to dry before applying es. I also like to apply a layer of translucent or face powder before applying es so that it’s much easier to blend. Stays on longer too!

      • BooBooNinja

        Thanks Lily, and thank you for the nail polish!

        • Lily

          You’re very welcome, and I hope you like it!

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the tip Lily. I have super oily eye lids too that I turn panda eyed in a few hours. I’ve read a lot about UDPP and Too Faced eye primer, I’ll give it a try soon 🙂

    • Lily

      I haven’t tried too faced insurance primer but heard good things. Let me know whichever works for you! I’d like to know what works for others so I can try myself 🙂

  • i have oily lids too and have tried 2/3 from this post! too face shadow insurance works the best on my oily lids. with udpp (original) i need to do 2 thin layers to make it work. my friend sent my mac soft orchre, eye shadow creased within a few hours. never tried bobbi brown’s since it’s way overpriced over here in australia.

    • Lily

      I find matte paint pots work well on me. Those with shimmers crease. I was recently in Melbourne and the prices totally put me off. Some are ridiculously priced! Bobbi brown does last a long time on me tho. If you need a CP, you can give me a holler 😉

  • Honey

    Hi Lily. First time commenting here on your blog. Have same problem with oily lids. I find using UDPP, my eyeshadow lasts slightly longer although not as long as I would like it to. But I have very, very recently stumbled upon a cream shadow which absolutely do not crease or disappear! I tested this over 2 Saturdays – without using a primer. Saturdays because this is the day where I do not sit in an air-cond room and I am practically a taxi driver, driving my kids all over the place. Guess what? The cream shadow, without base and without eyeshadow over it, lasted the entire day right into night! Amazing! Guess the brand? It’s from Essence at only RM14.90. I bought 1 in colour Coppy Right, but went back again 2 weeks later and they are all out of stock. So do try this and see if you get the same result.

    • Lily

      Hi Honey, thanks for stopping by! I love comments 😀
      I have seen the brand Essence at Watsons but never tried it before! Thanks so much for the heads up. I will definitely go check it out when I’m there next. How cool is it when you pick up gems at affordable prices?

  • Cindy

    Haha! Aren’t that’s the sad part of all this. It’s just been about 2 yrs since I started with makeup and I already have a ton of stuff and I’m not even a beauty blogger.

    And because of all the new stuff that comes out

    every minute, we can’t even fully enjoy what we already own. It’s pathetic 😉

    • Lily

      Ah, but the joy of having new things… I still love my old stash even when I have new ones 🙂

  • Hi Lily,

    Great blog you have here 🙂

    Would like to ask, where did you purchase your MAC in Soft Ochre?

    Is it sold in Malaysia?

    And between all 3 bases/primer you have, which of them hold/mute over-sparkly eyeshadows better?

    Really looking forward to your reply. Thanks muchos!

    • Lily

      Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by. I bought Soft Ochre at KLIA. I don’t think it’s available anywhere else in Malaysia. Of the 3, I’d say paint pots will hold your shadow better. It’s stickier than the rest, for sure!

      • Thanks for replying! 🙂
        What about BB Long Wear Cream Shadow? Are they good for oily eyelids? I have tired one (metallic/shimmery) before but it creases.

        Your post is really helpful in narrowing down my options <3

        • Lily

          Hi Sarah, I’m glad you found this post useful! If I use cream shadows as base, I usually stick to matte ones. You’ll find that BB metallic one crease mainly because the glittery bits run. I find BB cream shadows a bit drier, so powders don’t stick that well compared to MAC paint pots. Another option is Estee Lauder cream shadows. They really stay on all day and powders stick quite well on it too. Hope that helped!