My Travel Essentials: Skincare

I have been travelling a fair bit lately, for work and also leisure, and the most important, for me, is my skincare. I won’t panic if I forgot to pack my makeup, but if I didn’t have my skincare, I would freak out. Skincare products are usually in bulky containers, and if I brought all those bottles when I travel, I’d use up most of my luggage space – not to mention the weight! So, I save up my travel size gifts with purchase for this purpose.


This bag is my most recent GWP (scored 2 of this!), which I find very useful especially for skincare. It’s made of PVC so I don’t have to worry if it got wet. Here, I have my skincare essentials in travel /sample sizes. When I don’t have a certain mini version of my skincare, I transfer some products to little containers I purchase. What you see here in my skincare bag is mostly samples I saved up. They definitely come in handy in times like these. In a separate zip lock bag, I also bring my cotton pads and cotton buds. Surely they’re easily available everywhere, but it’s too much hassle for me to go hunt for it, especially if I’m in an unfamiliar place.



I never forget my trusted Clinique Moisture Surge. I keep it close to me, especially when I fly. The cabin isn’t exactly the most comfortable place, and if you haven’t noticed, our skin gets dehydrated when we travel by plane. I like to put on a layer of this when I’m in the air, and wash it off once I land. I did this on my recent trip – 8 hours in the plane, and the Moisture Surge kept my skin comfortable.



How do you travel with skincare? Do you only go with the basics i.e. cleanser, toner and moisturiser only, or do you pack the works like me? I can’t live without my Dior One Essential which has become my daily staple and the Estee Lauder ANR keeps my skin sane. I would love to read how you pack your skincare. Maybe it will help me with my next travels.


xoxo Lily