Oh No!! Makeup Murder!!

The date was 27 May 2012, time was 1400 hours. Azur was sleeping comfortably with his plush velvet blanket over him. Somehow, the sleep was disrupted by someone. It might be her, Azur thought. Her presence was expected, sooner or later. Still in a daze, Azur felt someone picking him up, and before he could yell, he was dropped, shattered. Murder scene was ugly. Messy… yet, powdery and glittery…


It was an accident. Don’t accidents happen all the time? I didn’t mean to drop Azur. I have been admiring from afar, refraining from physical contact, and when I finally succumbed, my hands were shaky. It all happened so fast that when I was done screaming, it was too late. There was nothing much left to be salvaged. I cleaned up the mess, but I couldn’t put Azur back together.



It was especially painful to see a big chunk of Azur’s body part, severed from its original place, waiting to be put back into place. I tried, but Azur would never be the same. Ever again. I am still very sad, and I still think back to that day, a playback repeating in my mind, thinking how things could have been different. *sob*



Oh Azur, who hailed from Dior… may you rest in peace. I will always remember you in your full glory, and I will show them, my readers… of what this post could have been. Here it is.



You will be remembered….


Have you dropped and murdered your makeup before? This palette was brand new and I think my heart broke at the same time it did. This is the first time it happened to me. Have you encountered something like this before? What happened?


xoxo Lily


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  • Aww… poor Azur. Last thing I dropped was the LE Guerlain bronzer from last year. It broke but didn’t shatter so its still useable. I still keep it but its slowly crumbling away at the broken edges. People recommend pressing it back with alcohol but I didn’t bother. RIP Azur!

    • Lily

      I searched YouTube on repress, but it still won’t be the same. Also, most are shattered 🙁 Oh, luckily you could still your Guerlain! I’d be sad for you otherwise.

  • Hanny Daforcena

    I dropped my NYX mermaid green, and I repressed it with my contact lens water. Now it’s utterly shattered, but I use it as a pigment still >.< Still love it to bits.

    • Lily

      Glad you can still use that green shadow! Lucky you:-)

  • Wynnce

    I kill my Nars Orgasm!!! Totally broke into 1000+++ pieces!

    • Lily

      Oh no Wynnce! Did you get another one?

      • Wynnce

        No…Instead I get a Nars Sex Appeal the other month, haha~

        • Lily

          Searched for the swatch… lovely =)

  • Hiza

    Oh poor Azur, broken in pieces now 🙁

    • Lily

      Shattered, to be exact! So sad…

  • Charlotte

    Oh my!! That’s so heartbreaking!! RIP Dior’s Azur!

    • Lily

      Yes it is. I’m nursing my heart now…

  • BooBooNinja

    Oh no! Poor Azur 🙁 Poor Lily! 🙁

    • Lily

      Boo Hoo! 🙁 I’ll get over it tho…

      • BooBooNinja

        lol 🙂

        • Lily

          Gasp! I hope you’re only laughing at my feeble attempt in writing a novel. Lol! Oh poor Azur…

          • BooBooNinja

            Muah haaa haa haaaaa

            (I *am* sorry this happened to you.)

  • makeup.addict

    I totally killed my Guerlain G Serie Noir Blush last year. I was frantically searching for my keys in my handbag since I was late for a meeting, saw something fall out of my bag and then, there it was, shattered into a million pieces in the middle of MidValley’s parking lot! I literally was kneeling in front of the shattered (and un-salvageable) blush for 5 minutes before finally picking up the case and just throwing it in the nearest trash can. Now all the makeup in my handbag are non-LE items. Lesson learned. 🙂

    • Lily

      I held my breath as I read your story. Oh dear, how awful! Yes, I’ll learn from this too. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Oh wow this is tragic!!!

    • Lily

      Have you ever experienced anything like this before? Yeah, tragic … but luckily I have other new things to distract me. So I’m not dwelling much on it. I mean, if I couldn’t write about how pretty it was, I could still write about how I destroyed it. Lol!

  • lyn

    Oh no, I feel your pain! I have dropped a Dior palette a long time ago and it shattered everywhere. Couldn’t be put together again because the mirror broke as well and I didn’t want to risk using it just in case there were microscopic glass bits on the eyeshadows. I had to bin it and it was limited edition too.

    • Lily

      I feel you too! *hugs* I have a feeling I’ve gotten over this already tho (o_O)”

  • awwww,poor Azur,i feel u too,i remember i too accidentally killed my favorite eye shadow from Sephora,i can’t really remember the name as i already gave it to my BFF i don’t know why she wants to keep it,but it was my favorite eye shadow of them all and it’s given by my mom as a christmas present last year,but i accidentally killed it by dropping it on the floor too in march :'( and i’m so heartbroken that time cause it’s scattered into a million pieces,but i already got over it by purchasing the next favorite thing my heart loves 😉

    • Lily

      I understand how you feel! But you’re right. Getting a new baby will ease the pain, rather quickly too. Haha!

      • haha,yup,hope you’ll get over it and grab the next best thing too :p