My Travel Essentials: Makeup & FOTD

When I travel, I want everything to be simple. Even my travelling style is hassle free and laid back. I hate to join tours where everything is scheduled and rushed. I think I’d die of exhaustion, which will defeat the purpose of having a vacation. Well, for me anyway. I went with my family to Melbourne just recently, and a few of my brother’s friends joined us. They wanted to travel to see the 12 Apostles (which I have seen) and to Philip Island (which I have been), so I took a day off from their itinerary to stay back in the rented apartment and just lazed around. Chilled. Read a book. Watched Aussie tv. It was a good alone time. And I have swayed from the topic.

Anyway, my makeup is essentially, back to basics. I made sure I packed for products I could apply using fingers only. I have a tinted base from Shiseido (Brightening Spot-Control-Base UV SPF35), beach tint from Becca, Revlon PhotoReady compact powder (sponge included), a sample sized mascara from Estee Lauder, a brow pencil from Empro, Lunasol eyelash curler, a tweezer and Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm. That’s it.



What I do is, I apply the Shiseido base all over my face and neck using my fingers. I also blended some Becca beach tint on the apple of my cheeks for some colour before powdering over it. I fill in my brows using the angled brow pencil from Empro, curl my lashes and apply 2 coats of mascara, a dash of lip balm and I’m done. Here’s how my simple barely there makeup looks:



This is also what I do when I’m in a hurry – takes 5 minutes, tops.

What is your makeup like when you travel? Do you apply any at all? I’d love to know 🙂


xoxo Lily


  • xin

    when i travel, usually just foundation, blusher and lip color 😀 or if i know it’s going to be a hot melting day, i just arm myself with sunblock, and lip color 😉 since if i am on shades most of the time, eye makeup is not important ><

    • Lily

      A minimalist too,I see. I have a friend who lugs around her trunk case. Haha!

  • Hanny Daforcena

    I go with only primer, liquid liner, mascara and lippie when I’m on the go ^.^ In fact, I bring my on the go kit in my bag at all times, huhuhuhu!

    (There was even one time when I opened the bag and gave my friend my eyeliner instead of a pen! Woops)

    • Lily

      Lol re eyeliner for a pen. What primer do you use?

      • Hanny Daforcena

        Clinique pore minimizer and Etude House’s eye primer.

        • Lily

          I still haven’t tried the Clinique pore minimiser. Have to remember to try it one day 🙂

  • Honey

    Timely post. Flying off to Melbourne on Fri and I’m trying to cut my makeup to minimum. My last count last night – it is still way too much! Too many security blankets LOL! I will do my very best to match what you have, errr maybe add another 5 more items 🙂

    • Lily

      Hey, I just got back from Melbourne! you know what helped me in keeping it at a minimum? I told myself I could always buy new ones when I’m there! My makeup bag was roomy when I went but came back all stuffed with new stuff. Lol!

  • I will usually carry a base (powder foundation or BB cream), concealer, brow pencil and maybe a blush and a gloss. In reality, I don’t wear anything once I’m there LOL! If its a city, I take a little trouble, but if I’m at the beach/hills/outside of the city, I don’t wear any makeup.

    • Lily

      Oh, if it’s the beach, I’d probably wear tinted moisturiser only. I’ve seen some ladies with full makeup jumping into the water. I was impressed the makeup stayed put! 😛