Beauty Elixir, served by Caudalie

Caudalie is new to me. After much research, I decided to give it a try. My first product is its bestseller, Beauty Elixir. I first heard about it from Lisa Eldridge, and the name intrigued me. Elixir comes with promises, and if it truly lived up to its name, then, this would be a miracle worker, wouldn’t it? Of course, me being a skeptic most of the time, I kept my expectations low. It is, after all, just a face mist. Or is it?


The Beauty Elixir is sold in 2 sizes – one 30ml and the other 100ml. Naturally, since this is my first try and the products don’t come cheap, I chose the smaller version as it is also more travel friendly. The glass bottle is quite heavy but this small one fits my hand perfectly. Easy to hold and when I press the nozzle, the beauty concoction sprays out beautifully without mess. I hate it when the spritz comes out all wonky and I get drips instead of evenly spread out spray.

There is a lovely refreshing scent that comes with the elixir, but it dissipates rather quickly too. What I like about this is the initial feeling on the skin. There is a cooling tingling sensation that wakes up the skin. Once the liquid dries, skin is left refreshed, smooth and comfortable. This is especially cooling on a hot day, and the bonus is that makeup looks even better after this face mist. I also use it to replace my toner / softener, and it works great.



Does the Beauty Elixir live up to its name? Unfortunately no. Don’t misunderstand me, I have been using this daily for the past few weeks and it’s absolutely lovely. However, lovely doesn’t translate to necessity. I can definitely live without it, and I think my skin agrees too. Would I repurchase this? Maybe… because I really like the minty feeling on my skin.

I purchased this from Sasa for about RM65 (on promotion) but Caudalie skincare range is absolutely overpriced there. Getting it online is much cheaper, especially when there is free shipping.

Have you tried anything from Caudalie? Do you have anything to recommend?


xoxo Lily