Dermalogica Precleanse Might be The One…

You should know by now that I am a cleansing oil user. I have been searching for one that I really like, and you know what? I might have found it! I was recommended Dermalogica Precleanse by quite a few people I know, and when there was additional discount at strawberryNet, it was a sign 😉



Before I start with my own review, here is what the brand has to say:

A lightweight Olive and Apricot Kernel-based cleansing oil, fortified with Kukui Nut, Borage Seed and Rice Bran oils, that gently liquefies sebum and oil-based debris from the skin’s surface. The hydrophilic (water-loving) formula enables PreCleanse and oil-based debris to be readily rinsed away without leaving behind any greasy residue. Contains no artificial fragrance or color.

This 150ml bottle looks a bit small initially, and the dispenser is a nozzle instead of a pump which I’m used to. I don’t mind either way, but one good thing I can think of is when it is about to run out, I can stand it upside down to get the most of what is left. I doubt I can do it with a pump dispenser.



I use this every evening whether or not I wear makeup. I wear sunscreen of SPF50 daily, so this will take everything off. This oil has a lovely light citrusy lavender scent that I find very soothing and relaxing after a long day at work. I use it like any other cleansing oils, on dry hands and face. I massage it all over my face for about 30 to 60 seconds, focusing more on congested areas. I would then wet my hands and continue massaging. The oil will emulsify into a very light milk which is easily rinsed off with lukewarm water. I love to double cleanse, so I always follow this with another cleanser before my toner, serums and moisturiser.

The oil is not as thick as Shu Uemura’s and the scent is not as strong as Bobbi Brown’s. There is no oily residue which I am grateful for because knowing myself, I would scrub my skin like crazy to get rid of it. Instead, my skin is left soft and CLEAN, without feeling dry or tight. I read some reviews saying that it is drying to use it daily, but so far, on my normal skin, it is all good. It is said to be gentle enough to be used on eyes, but I have always prefered using a separate makeup remover for that delicate area. Furthermore, I’ve tried removing my waterproof mascara and it was a b*tch (ahem, excuse me!)



I know when my product loyalty is in question, I tend to stray, and I really blame it on my curiosity, but this one is something I know I’ll go back to. It doesn’t break me out, doesn’t strip away my natural oils and my skin has been loving it. This is quite a popular cleanser and I think some of you might be loving it already. Anyone of you have any adverse experience on this? Or is this 100% good? Do tell 🙂


xoxo Lily



  • lyn

    I’ve used this many years ago and it is a pretty good cleansing oil. But it did make my face feel dry after prolonged use probably because my skin is sensitive and prone to dehydration. I had to switch between a few oils but it’s always a good one to go back to.

    • Lily

      What other oils do you use? I’m contemplating on trying the Kanebo one next. Hope it doesn’t break me out!

  • Liyeun

    Wow, good to hear this works well for you. I stop using it and it stings my eyes. So i stick to Bobbi Brown as it doesnt gimme that blind moment… Hehe

    • Lily

      Hi Liyuen, it stings your eyes? Wow, that didn’t happen to me at all. Perhaps it might be due to the fact that I use a separate remover for my eyes. Yes, I like Bobbi Brown too and the one thing I like this more is because of the scent 😉

  • Stephanie/Yukaeshi

    Hehehe you should know how much I love this, and I have been using this ever since I started wearing sunscreen and makeup regularly which is slightly more than 3 years ago! 1 bottle can last up to 3 months for me with nightly usage. It’s the only cleansing oil my super sensitive and dry skin will love!

    I always remove my eye makeup separately, and for really thick makeup I go over with Precleanse twice and it does the trick- thankfully this is not often or I might go broke haha! 😛

    • Lily

      LOL! I know, you were one of those who recommended pre cleanse to me. So you don’t use any other cleansing oils other than this one?

      • Stephanie/Yukaeshi

        Hehehe it’s because it really works for me and I love it! 😛 I did try the Shu Uemura cleansing oil (Classic) before Precleanse. The Shu Uemura one broke me out pretty badly… since then after finding Precleanse I didn’t dare try out the others haha!
        Though I am eyeing the Nude Cleansing Oil hmm… just hard to get here.

        • Lily

          Oh, I have been hearing about Nude too. You know that feeling when you’re curious to try something new but the fear of your the unknown… such as, whether or not your skin will react badly to it >.<"

  • Wynnce

    I haven’t have a chance to try this out yet. Still in the midst of consuming my Hada Senka Perfect Cleansing Oil (affordable yet nice to use too~). But I think I’ll get a bottle of Precleanse really soon coz I’ve just found a nice seller in Malaysia selling this in 25% off. Her webshop link is:

    • Oh, thanks for the link, Wynnce 🙂 I’ll go check it out! I’m going through my bottle of Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil, and once I’m done with that, I’m definitely going back to Pre-Cleanse. I miss the beautiful smell. Heh!