Fingers only: A Quick EOTD for Saturday

Hello Saturday! I have been quite lazy with my makeup lately, and I’ve been trying to use as little products as possible. In fact, I’ve been enjoying applying my eye makeup with my… wait for it… *gasp* fingers! Well, I’ve always prefered brushes, but for this look, and for the products I use, I find that it is best applied using fingers. If you’re interested to know more, please read on.


For this simple eye makeup, I only used 4 products. There is a cream eyeshadow, a powder eyeshadow, a black eyeliner and a mascara. That’s it. I love my purples and taupes, so for today, I’m going with a subtle day time look with purples. Below are the swatches of the products I used. On the left, we have Revlon’s Grow Luscious Lashliner in 001 Onyx. This liner is longwearing, even for my oily lids. The swatch in the middle is Chanel Illusoire (for review, please click on the link) and the one on the right is L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadow in Burning Black. I bought it when I was in Australia. Pricey, but I figured I can’t get it anywhere else, so what the heck. When applied on their own (both Chanel and L’Oreal), they crease quite easily, but when worn together, I get about 8 hours before any signs of creasing.



Firstly, I use my ring finger to apply Illusoire all over my lids. With my pinky, I carefully dab on Burning Black on my lids close to the lashline. With my ring finger, I blend it upwards a little. I repeat this step with Burning Black until I get the desired intensity. The reason for this is because I wanted to achieve a gradient effect. Applying eyeshadow with fingers is tricky. Blending is difficult and if not careful, one will look like one has a black eye. To finish off the look, I apply black eyeliner close to my lashline, curl lashes and apply mascara. Done!




I have been using this technique with different colours lately. It’s fun to experiment and so easy to work on. I hope you’re willing to give this a try even though you might not have the same products. Every single product here can be replaced with whatever you have. I’m sure most of us have all our fingers intact, but if you don’t, I’m sure you can swap fingers too 😉 Makeup is fun and flexible, and it is for everyone who is willing to try!

Hope you like it!


xoxo Lily



  • Hanny Daforcena

    Usually I use my fingers for foundation even if I have brushes. Heh heh. That being said I find that using fingers to apply cream products makes them easier to blend out hah hah! ^.^

    That’s a great look, Lily! Nice and simple too!

    P.S: Do review the Revlon liner soon!

    • Lily

      Thanks Hanny. I just got the Revlon liner and decided to try it out in this post. Will do a review soon enough =)

  • Jennifer

    Pretty, simple, fast and nice 🙂 I am learning how to apply eyeshadow and always seem to procastinate because I tell myself, oh I need to buy a good brush (as an amateur, I think I am quite demanding lol). But hey, your EOTD looks fab with easy fingers application! Thanks for sharing.

    • Lily

      Hi Jennifer, yes, this is a very quick EOTD! I think these few products apply well with fingers. If I were to apply a few different colours, I’d go for brushes. There’s no way I could smudge my bottom lashline using my fingers without looking like a raccoon 😉 I hope you’ll give it a try because this is super easy, even for an amateur!

      • Jennifer

        Hi Lily,

        I tried your method of applying eyeshadow using my fingers yesterday on my birthday and it worked wonders! I used only 2 colours. I earned a lot of flattering compliments the moment I stepped into office, haha a rare beautiful sight I guess since I hardly apply make up to work. Just want to thank you for making my day with your tips!

        • Lily

          Yay!!!!! I’m so happy to hear that Jennifer 😀 You can start experimenting with different colours now. I’m glad the little tip worked for you. Thanks for letting me know. You made my day!

  • Bellen

    You did a great job with your fingers! 🙂

    • Lily

      Thanks Bellen. The products make it very easy 😀

  • lyn

    Kekeke, such a cute tutorial! By the way, your skin is looking really good these days! Your regime seems to be working very well 🙂

    • Lily

      Hi Lyn, thanks for the compliment! I still get the occasional pimple, but other than that, skin is getting better and I’m loving it 🙂 There’s still lots of room for improvement, so fingers crossed. I’m glad you liked this easy peasy tutorial. More coming 😉

  • Perfect for lazy days! 🙂 I haven’t tried the L’oreal mascara but it looks really nice on you! Hopefully it won’t smudge / irritate my eyes!

    • Lily

      Hey Sukie, I’m still trying out the mascara. It’s smudge proof and a little water will release the fibres. No need to use remover! Maybe I’ll do a short review on this…