Beat the Monday Blues: Exercise!

I am the last person who should preach about exercising. When I was a university student, I was actively involved in sports and when I came home, back to Malaysia, I didn’t have a routine anymore. It’s always a love hate relationship. I was never consistent. I would force myself to exercise, make it a regular activity, then if I slack off for 2 weeks, I’d be off it indefinitely. However, I’ve been back on the bandwagon lately. Even though my body is screaming for me to stop, and it’s a pain (literally) to recondition the muscles, it is a good feeling.


The first thing I notice is how alive my skin looked and felt. There are plenty of articles online to tell you the benefits of exercising, but I am here to tell you that somehow, my skin has never looked better. Of course, I do credit Dior skincare for the positive changes, but lately, there is a certain glow on my face. And no, I am not pregnant. It might be due to the increased metabolic rate and better blood circulation, but it is certainly something skincare can never do on its own.

If you are a busy person, or if you are anything like me: Lots of excuses NOT to exercise and lazy, I suggest doing a short high intensity interval training (you can google HIIT). I can do it at home, saves times and is effective. I push to a certain intensity, suffer for 15 minutes and be done with it. Beats running on a treadmill for an hour and risk having saggy boobs (excuse me) or wonky knees. I have flat feet, so I get shin splints if I ran too much. Perfect excuse right? I do HIIT every other day and if I feel like it, I’d do yoga on rest days. The hardest part for me is to actually start the exercise. Once I get moving, everything else falls into place.

Do you exercise? Have you been thinking about it, but just never do it? You’re not alone. I did that for a few months. Work has been stressful lately and exercising enables me to let out the aggression positively. What exercises or sports do you enjoy?


xoxo Lily



  • Sukie

    Ive been going for jogs around my housing area every other day! Not long jogs but only for 15 minutes because I have no stamina :s am aiming to run for at least 30 minutes by the end of this month! :p

    • Lily

      I read you can get more out of your 15 minutes if you break it to intervals. Example, jog for 45 second and sprint for your life for 15 seconds and repeat without rest for 10 to 15 times. I hate running so I didn’t try but I’m sure it can be very tiring. More effective than a long jog though 😉

  • Charlotte

    Haha I do yoga.. Once everyweek.. Love it!

    • Lily

      Yay! Yoga lover 🙂 I used to take classes but it’s a bit tough now so I just follow home DVDs. it’s just not the same. I miss going to pilates classes too!

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Uh I really have to pick my trainers back up! I used to jog, but for some reason I slacked off and it’s hard to go back! That and my hair is really standing in the way. It’s really long and damaged now, so I put olive oil in it before I shampoo, and I have no idea how I can go jogging smelling like salad and looking like a crazy woman!

    • Lily

      I totally understand. Long hair and regular workouts mean regular washing. I’m used to washing my hair daily, but short hair makes it that much more convenient! So many people enjoy running. I just can’t, especially in this weather. I’d be like a roast duck, dehydrated and all. Lol!