Skin Analysis: A Revelation

I always thought I had combination skin. My T-zone gets oily and the other parts are normal, I think. There was a time when my skin was dry, but not anymore. One day, when I went to Shiseido counter to redeem my voucher, I was offered to try out their new skin analysis machine. It looked quite nifty, and the SA told me the machine costs about RM40,000. Naturally, I was curious to try it out! This is what the main menu looks like, and the skin analysis tests for quite a few things… self explanatory picture 😉


The SA cleaned my face (removed my makeup) and started the analysis. There’s a scanner she uses to touch my face, on my cheek, on my forehead and below my eye. The machine will compute and analyse my skin, from the upper dermis to the deeper layers of my skin. I was prepared for a really bad score, which ranged from A to F, A being the best. No adult gets a score of A because that is nearly impossible and usually only on children’s skin. I was prepared to be in the range of maybe D or E.



This is my result. I am surprised!! A dot in the pink area is GOOD 🙂 According to the machine, I have normal skin, with optimum hydration. Yay! My skin is resilient, meaning it still has good elasticity, pretty good clarity, controlled sebum production and the only thing that was not good was something they call turnover. It is cell turnover, which means my dead skin cells do not metabolise as quickly as it should. I was advised to exfoliate more often and a weekly face massage will help increase the turnover process. Interesting!



Have you tried out a skin analysis before? I’m glad I did and I owe my skin an apology. I’ve been too hard on my own skin, I suppose. For my age, my skin condition is much better than I thought and it’s great news for me. It probably means my skincare regime is working! All the more reason to continue with my One Essential and Diorsnow range. LOL!

This service is complimentary and I don’t know if it is exclusively for Shiseido clients, but I don’t see why it should. I mean, walk ins can be potential clients too, right? You should go check it out when you’re there. Have you seen anything like this anywhere else? I heard SKII has it too, but I didn’t find out. I tend to stay far far away from SKII. Would you be willing to give your skin a little test?


xoxo Lily


  • Hanny Daforcena

    Eeeks I want to get one too! ^.^ That’s because that I think I’m oily skinned but the world around me says that my skin is dry. I wonder why? When I was at my personal make-up course with my aunt, the teacher said that my skin was oily on the inside and dry on the outside, eh, whatever that means hahaha.

    • Lily

      I agree you should go get it done. This it’s the best way to determine your skin condition, I reckon. The lady said I could go have a check every 3 months 🙂

  • Hello Lily! Congratulations on having such good skin! =D I had one done about a year ago at SK-II’s counter where they said I’ve got combination skin and really dry cheeks… Still have the same problem today! :s

    • Lily

      Lol! I wouldn’t say it’s really good but it certainly told me that I need regular exfoliation… AND massage 🙂

  • Great to have good skin. If u use a natural exfoliate to your skin, definitely it would have excellent result. Thanks for sharing and keep writing.

    • Lily

      Thanks for dropping by, Nirmala and thanks for your feedback. I’m going back to using my Clarisonic now and if it’s anything like before, it should be able to help lots! Thanks for reading and come back for more!