Yet another sunscreen…Peter Thomas Roth does it with a brush

Am I obssessed with sunscreen? No, not really, but I do go through them rather quickly. I apply generously, and I re-apply whenever I can. Whenever I read about the importance of sunscreen, most of them preach about re-applying every 2 hours, regardless of how high the SPF is. I’ve ventured into a sunscreen in cream compact and it worked great because it’s mattifying. Then, a reader commented that I look at Peter Thomas Roth, powder sunscreen in a brush. That’s how I came to purchase this through CultBeauty.


This is Instant Mineral SPF45 which claims to provide immediate UVA and UVB protection. The packaging is plastic but quite sturdy. The size is just right, comfortable to hold, small and light enough to just throw into my handbag without adding much weight. The powder comes out from the brush so all I do is to buff it on my entire face.



I have no doubt the mineral sunscreen works, but I do have one complaint. The brush is horrible! The bristles are coarse and whenever I apply it, I feel like I’m using a stack of hay to rub my face. Maybe I’m too pampered with soft velvety plush brushes, so every time I apply this, I use feathery light strokes to minimise the scratchy feeling. The first time I used it, I had to shake the brush to get the powder out, but after that, I don’t have any problems at all. It is very convenient to use because all I have to do is swirl the brush all over my face and I’m good to go.



If you were wondering how to replace the cap without squishing the brush bristles, well, here it is. Just pull out the handle to retract the brush, place the cap back before pushing the brush out again. A simple and logical mechanism, really, but it is also smart and fool proof. I have been using this quite regularly, as in, every time before I step into the sun, and you might want to know that I did not break out from this. The mineral powder looks pigmented, but it goes on translucent. If there is any tint, I really don’t notice it at all.



I don’t know how long this tube will last, but I’ve been using it for the past 2 months and it’s still going strong. I really love the concept of this mineral sunscreen, but I just wish the brush was not so scratchy. I’d be willing to pay a little more for better quality brush since it’s the only way to use this sunscreen. This does not replace my regular sunscreen application after skincare before makeup. I still think that is my primary protection. Anything I apply after is just extra, a top up so to speak.

Have you tried this before? I can’t remember exactly how much I bought this for (probably equivalent to about RM100), sorry, and I got it when there was free shipping promotion at CultBeauty. I heard this brand is available locally, in KL , but not in my city. If you know where to get this in Malaysia, do drop me a comment to let me know. Have you tried this and felt the same about the brush? Are there others out there that are similar to this product?


xoxo Lily



  • Charlotte

    Hey! I have this in SPF30, and I agree that the bristles are horrible! >:(

    Can’t deny that it is convenient, but the fact that I cannot clean the brush and having to use it every day over my make up, that kinda eeks me out. Oh wells, give and take..

    • Lily

      Guess I’m not the only one! Well, I think, as long as we are the only ones using it, then we shouldn’t worry about hygienic problems 😉 Anyone else, hands off! LOL!

  • Sukie

    Lily!! I recently purchased this in SPF45 too but they sent me the SPF30 one. An currently in the process of exchanging it but maybe SPF30’s not so bad after all if I use it as a top up sunscreen. Hmm.. Yikes the scratchy brush is scaring me a little. :s

    • Lily

      Yeah, I mean, if you thought the Sigma brushes were scratchy, then, this will definitely put you off! If the brushes were more luxe, then, it will be perfect!

  • Petrina

    Yeah some of them do have scratchy brushes unfortunately 🙁 I’ve been lucky to get the occasional one with a softer brush. The last I checked Strawberrynet have them in stock again!

    • Lily

      They do have softer brushes? Aaaw… I must have the scratchiest one then! LOL! I will have to check Strawberrynet again. I bought it from CultBeauty because there was free shipping promo. Otherwise, I would have waited…

  • dom

    hello! it’s available at robinsons midvalley and sephora 🙂 it came back in now.

    • Lily

      Oh, thanks for the info! Now I’ll know where to look the next time I’m in kl 🙂