Barbara Hoffmann does it strong: Brush Soap

I am quite anal when it comes to cleaning brushes, especially the brushes I use for applying liquid foundations. Some are so stubborn that baby shampoo doesn’t do anything to remove the residues. I’ve tried Bobbi Brown and MAC brush cleansers and they don’t do much on removing stubborn stains either. So, based on a reader’s recommendation, I bought the brush cleanser from Barbara Hoffmann. There are 2 versions, a liquid and a soap. I got both. For today, I will feature the brush soap.



There really isn’t anything special about the packaging or how the soap looks. It’s just soap, with very light scent. The can is light as aluminium, and the lid is twist top. The size of the soap is about the size of my palm, and a little goes a long way. I’m not very familiar with the brand itself, but I saw some makeup brushes of the same brand sold at Shins. I haven’t tested the brushes, but if any of you have, please comment and let me know how they work 🙂



To use, wet dirty brush, swirl it around the soap, lather (on wet palm) then rinse off. Pat the brushes dry, reshape the bristles and lay them flat to dry. As easy as ABC! After I’m done, I usually rinse the soap before placing it back into its container. I find that the soap removes the most stubborn stains without any residues, and yes, even the most difficult concealers or foundations. The best thing is, brushes are all clean in just one wash! I also find that drying time is reduced when I use this brush soap. Awesome! I have been using this regularly for the past 3 months or so, and I haven’t yet put a dent to the soap. I think it’s gonna last a long time.



However, I’m not surprised that a good thing also has its trade off. While my brushes clean easily, I find this soap to be drying. My brushes with natural hair feel drier to touch while my synthetic brushes were still OK. What do you do if your hair is dry? Apply conditioner. Sometimes, maybe once in a month or two, I would give my brushes a little treat with conditioner. My brushes and face love the after effect 🙂



I purchased this Barbara Hoffmann brush soap at Shins for RM55. Pricey for a soap, yes. Did it get the work done? Yes, but a little too well. So, I reserve this soap for my synthetic brushes, which are usually used for liquids and creams. These are the most stubborn ones to clean anyway. For my natural hair brushes, I stick to my moisturizing Bobbi Brown brush cleanser, and also baby shampoo. Will I repurchase? Probably not. I don’t think I can justify paying RM55 for a brush soap that dries out my natural hair brushes. If it is moisturising AND does the job well, then, I’d reconsider. Even that, RM55 is expensive. Just sayin!

Have you tried this before? How do you clean your makeup brushes?


xoxo Lily