My First Makeup from Clarins

I blame this lemming on Rae. Then, I blame it on my own curiosity. Clarins in Malaysia doesn’t sell makeup anymore. Bummer, yeah… but I don’t have much to say about this brand because I haven’t used anything from it other than its sunscreen. I haven’t had the opportunity to try much of Clarins skincare, so perhaps, maybe one day. However, for today, I’d like to talk about Clarins Instant Light Blush in Vitamin Pink.



Before I proceed, I’d like to point out that this is Limited Edition, but I managed to snag it when I was in Australia in May. It might still be available… but if it’s not, don’t throw stones at me. The review is a little late, because honestly, I’ve been slack. However, I still want to write about this because it is becoming my favourite blush since my first application in May! The packaging is adorable! It’s like a shorter fatter version of a gloss. I’ve just recently reviewed a lip gloss, then an eye gloss, and now, this is blush. When I saw this, a little kiddy song popped in my head. “I’m a little Clarins blush, short and stout…” LOL!



As you can see, the doe foot applicator is HUGE! It fits the mouth of the tube snug so when you lift it open quickly, it makes a little “pop” sound. Or so I imagined 😉 The texture is something I absolutely adore. It is lighter than a cream blush in a pot, creamier than a liquid blush like Benetint, smoother than Becca beach tint. I like to put 2 to 3 dots of blush on each cheek then pat it out before blending it out using my fingers. I find that applying it this way doesn’t mess up the foundation underneath and did I mention this blush blends like a dream? It dries like second skin, and if worn alone, it stays on for about 6 hours on me. With another powder blush layered on top, it stays on 8 hours, no problem.



Picture above is the swatch for your reference, and below is how it looks worn on the face. I did not put it on heavier to show up on camera. I was gonna leave the house when I took this photo. As you can see, it is subtle yet there is a hint of pink flush on my cheeks. I was wearing minimal makeup that day, just filled in my brows, 2 coats of mascara, powder foundation and my tinted lip balm. No concealers either, so the whole look took less than 5 minutes. I was in a hurry and this was the best I could do 😉



I don’t know if you can still get this, but if Clarins decides to repromote this blush, I’d definitely recommend it! I should have bought the other shade, and now I regret not doing so. I remember it being quite pricey and I lost the receipt, so I can’t tell exactly how much it was. Did you manage to buy this when it was launched? Is there a limited edition item that you wish would be repromoted? Or maybe another Clarins product that I should try?


xoxo Lily



  • I’d been curious about the liquid blush. I’m normally not very good with liquid blushes but I’m trying to get over my fear. I don’t think we get this one no thanks to the silly policy of not pushing Clarins makeup locally. Boo to them! I’ll be looking online though. I like Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks. Very nice texture albeit not terribly exciting colours, and the powder blush is very nice too.

    • Lily

      Oh, this liquid blush would be great for the uninitiated. It’s just so easy to blend! I might have to look at other products because I really like this one. Joli rouge eh? And powder blush. Got it 😉

  • Hurray!! *happy flails* I’m really glad to hear you’re liking the Instant Light blush, Lily! 😀 It looks super-pretty on you.

    • Lily

      Aaw, thanks Rae, for enabling! I’m glad I got it 🙂

  • Rae is good at creating lemmings! This liquid blush looks beautiful and sounds awesome. I’ll have to see if it might still be available where I am in the US. I must say this looks so incredibly natural on you! Awesome post!

    • Lily

      OMG… the Sith is here!!!! Thanks so much for dropping by!!!!!!!!! Anymore excited and the reply will only be !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL 😀
      I hope you can still get it in the US. Of all the cream blushes I’ve tried, this one is the smoothest and the easiest to blend

  • Oh Lily! This is such a gorgeous product isn’t it? It brightens your face in such a subtle manner and you just look so fresh and well-rested! Really pretty too! =)

    • Lily

      Thanks Sukie. It’s funny you mentioned well-rested, because I remember not sleeping much the night before 😉 I guess the blush did make a difference after all! Heh

  • Liyeun

    No more cosmetics for Clarins Malaysia? Why oh why they kept doing this to Malaysia… No wonder I don’t see make up at my usual counter. Their skincare works very well for me, and I also love their lipsticks especially Joli Rouge. Anyway, although Im kinda depressed now since they dont sell makeup anymore, I must say the blush looks nice on you. Your look of the days seemed easy, breezy, simply beautiful! Btw, which mascara was u using there. Looks nice!

    • Lily

      Hi Liyuen, according to Paris, there is still some in KL, but where I am, there’s none at all, which is quite sad. I see their makeup getting prettier and it’s just unfortunate for us. However, we’re living in a world without boundaries. Thank goodness for online shopping! LOL! I think I should try their Joli Rouge next. Any shades you want to recommend?
      To answer your question, I was wearing the Estee Lauder Double Wear Smudge Proof Lengthening mascara. Whew. Long name…

      • Liyeun

        Hahaha thanks, Estee and its lengthy name! Well frankly, I find the shades from Joli Rouge is less appealing than its Rouge Prodige, but the formula is more moisturizing! Beware of its strong scent, though! Erm, to answer to above question, I would recommend their facial treatment oils, wonderful and less pricey compared to Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate which did nothing to my face.^_^

        • Lily

          I will definitely have a look at their skincare, but I have this nagging feeling that I shouldn’t change what is working at the moment. I’m so paranoid. LOL! And too bad I can’t play with their makeup colours! I feel like saying something childish like “You suck Clarins Malaysia”, but better not. That’s just too immature 😉 Oh, have you tried the Diorshow New Look mascara yet? It works wonders and I’ve been reaching for it a lot this month. It makes my lashes look fuller and it even coats my lower lashes easily, without clumps! Absolutely in love with it too.

          • Liyeun

            Dior’s mascara…. Hhmmmm…. I duno, everytime I wanted to try dior/estee’s, I am just so torn btwn these two lovelies. So I ended up with Maybelline’s as I change them every 3-4 months. Well, I do notice your perfect skincare regime that include great stuff from Dior Essential and EL ANR, keep it up! If you really wanna try one of Clarins Facial Oil, you can actually mix it with ANR, it’s nice! I never thought of mixing them up until I read in Paris B’s blog about mixing her ANR with Midnite Recovery Concentrate. Thanks to her, I love the smooth and softer than soft feeling (what did I just say?) I get when I wake up every morning. Hehehe…..

            • Lily

              So tempting. Lol! I will definitely try face oils. Looking for one that doesn’t break me out. Mascara wise, yeah, Maybelline is good… Sometimes we get better results with these drugstore brand mascaras!

  • Ooh I remember I wanted to try this or the Coral Tonic so bad when it came out–but of course, I got distracted by other releases. Silly me…I wonder if these are still available here in the U.S

    • Lily

      Oh if it’s available, you must try it. I’m wearing it again now … love it!

  • Gin

    i thought it was a lipgloss or nail polish!!

    gosh, u made me wanna try this!

    the pink is SO LOVELY!

    and Lily u have such good skin! no concealer needed OMG

    • Lily

      Right? The packaging is really unique! Thanks for the compliments, it was just a good day, and good lighting ;-P