The New Dior Addict Eau Fraiche is…

I don’t talk about fragrances much. Reason? Preferences. This is such an individual thing that I can’t tell you how good something smells or tastes. It depends solely on your individual preference! Furthermore, how difficult is it to describe something so intangible? I can’t say it smells square, or it sprays gel… -.-” So here, I will only able to share with you how I feel about this fragrance and you just have to go test it out yourself to see if we have the same taste.



The Dior Addict I received looks just like any other Dior Addict fragrances. This one is a pretty pink tall bottle that is heavy and luxurious. I would be careful not to drop it though. It is made of glass after all. To unlock the spray, twist the knob from O to I. I do like the minimalistic look because if it’s all flowery, then it would be a bit too much. FYI, the nose behind this fragrance is Francois Demachy.



Have you seen the video advertisement for this perfume? It’s fun and sexy at the same time. It probably sums up the whole perfume, except the part where guys just follow you everywhere. In Malaysia, with the poor security nowadays, if a random guy starts following you, it’s very likely not because of how you smell. I’d suggest you run the other way and look for help. It would be better to look silly than to be kidnapped or robbed. Anyway…



The first spritz reminds me of an old favourite which was discontinued(edited: not discontinued at all, just renamed) the Dior Addict 2. I actually have a miniature Dior Addict 2 and when I compared them, I was surprised. Guess what? This IS Dior Addict 2, just renamed and relaunched this year as Dior Addict Eau Fraiche. Fellow blogger Paris also reviewed this, and she brought up a very good point. Something I overlooked. The tag / label at the bottom of this bottle still says Dior Addict 2.



This fragrance reminds me of flirty colourful floral chiffon dresses that are feminine yet playful. Girls let their hair down, or they can tie their hair up in a swishy high ponytail. Pink lips, flushed cheeks, this scent makes me feel young! Top notes are bergamot and grapefruit. In fact, my nose detected the citrusy zing and sweet mangoes! Pretty far off eh? Oh well, it’s my untrained nose that is prone to allergies we’re talking about… Middle notes are lotus, freesia and pomegranate and base notes are musk and woodsy notes which are not too mature at all. For me, the scent is light enough for an afternoon picnic at the park.



Perfumes react to our individual body chemicals and even though you and I wear the same perfume, we might smell different to others. Curiosity took over me, and I tested it on Chloe and Ashlyn. They were happy about it, because they said they felt like princesses. Verdict? It’s true. They do smell different. Similar, but different. Generally, I could still guess it’s Dior Addict Eau Fraiche, but somehow, Ashlyn smells sweeter and Chloe smells more floral. Anyway, I’ve diverted 😉



If Dior Addict 2 was your favourite, you don’t have to look further. Go ahead, take the plunge and buy this one! If you’re looking for something light, girly and fun, then you might want to try this. My personal favourites have to be Gucci II and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, but I’ve been reaching for this on weekends when I go shopping. It somehow makes me feel more fun and active 😉 Have you tried this yet?



Dior Addict Eau Fraiche is available at all Dior counters nationwide. Prices: 50ml RM240, 100ml RM340.


xoxo Lily


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  • Gin


    haha, i only have two currently…the tresor in love and daisy of marc jacob..

    i feel extremely guilty if i buy more fragrance when i have not finish my current ones…weird huh? i dont have that guilt when i collect all my makeups and skincares!

    by the way, how long it takes to finish a bottle of fragrance? i have used this two for half a year and they are still quite full…..zzz

    • Lily

      Haha! I can understand re. the guilt… it’s tough to actually use up a bottle of perfume though. I’ve had my Gucci II since the beginning of this blog, which is already more than a year. I use it daily, 2 spritz and it’s still going! I think it can last for another year… so my take is, buy small bottles of fragrances if you like variety.

  • Yeah I don’t write about fragrances either because it’s so tricky, but you did a great job on describing the scent! I never realised that Addict 2 was discontinued, but I liked that one too. The new bottle looks nicer tho, I like the glass and the pink shade!

    • Lily

      Aaw, thanks! I put up a disclaimer in the beginning of this post just because I don’t know how this post will turn out. LOL! I remember quite vividly about the Dior Addict 2 because I was at the counter, and the consultant told me it was her last bottle. She specifically said it was discontinued. So yea… unless she was fooling me! LOL! I think there are a few other colours too. A purple one and a darker one, but I haven’t sniffed those before. What fragrances do you like? Do you like lighter scents, sweeter scents or muskier scents?

    • Lily

      By the way, I was fooled! Apparently, the Dior Addict 2 is NOT discontinued at all, just renamed. Now, I have to reconfirm every time I’m told a certain product is discontinued to avoid misunderstanding ;-P

  • Nida

    oh I love Dior but i recently purchased Burberry Body Intense so m out of budget I will buy this one for sure …

    • Lily

      Hi Nida, I haven’t sniffed Burberry Body yet… I remember Burberry Beat and it was quite pleasant too. Maybe you can go to the counter to try this, to see if you like it! Then once you have the budget, you can buy it 😉

  • Thanks for the link 🙂 I think fragrance is one of the hardest things to “review” because its so personal. So much more personal than even skincare!

    • Lily

      Definitely much more personal… reviewing fragrances is tough!

  • Arianne

    I got this perfume today 🙂 i too like gucci 2 and for chanel i prefer allure 🙂 hehehe ..


    • Lily

      Allure eh? Umm… I haven’t smelled that before. I should give it a try 😉