Gloss Anyone? Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Glow

I am not a fan of glosses. Some are sticky, others are tacky, like semi dried glue stuck on my lips. YUK! I tried Bobbi Brown. Dislike. MAC. Dislike. I ended it there, until I grit my teeth under persuasion and tried Dior… a few years ago. OK, so that took me out of the anti gloss pit. Then I tried Kanebo, Revlon, Shiseido, all with positive impressions. Even that, I hardly wear glosses. They are mostly sheer and I have to reapply glosses frequently. Me? Lazy. Then, I was sent these tubes of glosses that looked neon…

These are the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Glow in the Summer Mix collection. I took a look, and thought they were a little too bright! Then, I swatched it and I was wrong. I am a Dior fangirl, but as I explained previously, I don’t like wearing glosses. Packaging wise, luxe. I like. These glosses are neat and clean in these tubes, and under these lights, they look like glow sticks 😉


The 2 shades that I have are (854) Red Cruise, a red with hints of coral and (664) Rose Bikini, a bright pink. These glosses have a very light scent but I can’t be sure what it is. Maybe a hint of vanilla? Not sure… but they are tasteless. The texture is something I can tolerate, for sure. Sticky factor – minimal. Lips feel comfortable, but staying power was as expected. Probably wears about 2 hours on my lips without eating or drinking. The applicator is a tiny brush instead of a doe foot, and in my opinion, gives more precision and control. Good for thinner lips maybe?




Picture below is a swatch. See how pigmented these are? I thought they looked neon in the tubes, but once swatched, they are very wearable. Depending on how pigmented your natural lips are, these glosses can give you either a hint of colour, or a semi opaque finish. On me, they wear quite well alone, showing some natural lip colour too. I don’t buy glosses knowing I won’t wear them much. However, if I were to buy one, I would go for these mainly because my lips don’t hate it, the colours are pretty and I like the heavy, luxurious feel of the packaging. If budget is an issue, then I vaguely remember Revlon making non sticky glosses too.



Have you already tested these at Dior counters? What do you think of Dior glosses compared to others? Are you more of a gloss wearer or a lipstick wearer?


xoxo Lily


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