Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow Duo in (05) Khakis

If you’re not a blogger, you might not know. I’m sure I’m not the only guilty one, so I dare say, we have backlogs. Haha! These photos were taken early this year when I purchased the Estee Lauder Pure Colour Eyeshadow Duo in 05 Khakis. I’ve been delaying writing about it because it is a permanent, and there were more interesting things to write about 😉 However, I’m seeing a lot of Khakis for fall and thought it would be appropriate to write about it now.


Firstly, let’s talk packaging. Estee Lauder has always given me the image of a more mature brand. Maybe it’s the gold, maybe it’s the twirly font and maybe it’s just my perception. I wouldn’t describe it as chic but I would use the word classy. It is not sleek in black like Chanel, nor is it edgy and trendy like Dior. The packaging is sturdy plastic and I guess it does its job. Not a fan though ;-P



These Pure Colour Eyeshadows are creamy, but not as soft as Chanel’s single eyeshadows. The powders are not as finely milled as Dior quints but blending is still relatively easy. I have 2 of their eye palettes from the Holiday Collection and they were quite disappointing. The shadows were sheer and mostly pastel, and it took a lot of work for the shades to show up on the lids. The most recent one (last year’s Holiday Collection) was better, pigmentation improved and the texture was softer. That is probably the reason I hardly ever looked at Estee Lauder makeup, other than bases / foundations. Then, I swatched these at the counter, and there was marked improvement! I thought then I would stop being biased and purchased one to try.



These two shades in Khakis complement each other very well. I can use them for a day time look, or amp it up for a smokey eye too. The lighter shade is best described as a sandy colour. On the lids, it is golden ashy, quite interesting. The khaki is a murky green with hints of grey and brown. As you can see in the swatch below, the colours are very pigmented. What you see below is only one swipe using my fingers, on dry skin. Without any eye primers, I can wear them for 5 hours without creasing and when worn with a primer, I could take it from 9am to 6pm, no problem.



I wasn’t completely wow-ed by the texture when I swatched it at the counter, but I’m glad I got it because I don’t have similar shades and I am quite impressed by the staying power. Have you tried these Pure Colours Eyeshadow Duos? Swatched them at the counters, maybe? Do you have a makeup item that ‘grows on you’??


xoxo Lily



  • LOVE the look of this duo! I am obsessed with wearing olive/khaki on my eyes! I definitely agree with you on Estee Lauder–for a long time, I always thought of it as a more mature brand, but after Tom Pecheaux took over and revamped the line, it’s seems fresher and more fun. I’ve been hearing good things about this shadow formula, so I’m curious to try it.

    Oh, and that’s funny about your reviews getting pushed back–I do this ALL the time and am writing a post about it now 😛 I just always get excited by the newest things and my planned out, completed posts are always bumped back

    • Lily

      Hi Becca, yes I’m definitely seeing the change. Talking about pushing back posts, I still have photos taken a year ago, but demotivated to write. I guess it says a lot… Means I don’t like it so much?

  • Jennifer

    Looks like a nice daily workwear eye shadow duo. I haven’t tried EL eye shadow. But I think EL is better off with skincare lol. I am using almost full range of EL skincare and loving them 🙂 EL cosmetic products are so so only in my opinion.

    • Lily

      I agree their skincare is much more appealing than makeup. I love their ANR. Don’t think I can go without it!