Another Whitening Serum: Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

What can I say? When it comes to serums, I do love my whitening products. I depend on my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum for hydration and cell repair so whitening is extra. I already used up my Diorsnow one, with lovely results and my expectation on Kiehl’s  is either to match or do even better. Probably unfair on Kiehl’s but hey, expectations are unique and based on the individual, so here is my review.



The Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution comes in a sterile looking bottle and an applicator that reminds me of my beloved Estee Lauder ANR. The bottle instantly gave me flashbacks of my visits to Kiehl’s, seeing the staff wearing white lab coats, so I guess their image is consistent 😉 In the bottle, the serum looks like water but it is in fact a little tacky when applied. The texture reminds me a little of face oil, minus the oiliness, if that makes sense. One pump of the applicator brings you just the right amount of serum for the whole face. Please refer photo below for an illustration. That is one pump in the tube.



This Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution glides on skin when applied and it smells of relaxing lavendar. It is a little surprising, because I was expecting something more… industrial, more like solutions to sterilise equipment. Hahaha! The scent is not strong, but it is soothing to the nose. I find it absolutely calming when I slowly massage the serum into my skin. It is like a winding down ritual after I remove my makeup and preparing my skin for the night. ** You can use this serum day and night, but I’ve been using it at night only.



For results: I find that my skin tone is a tad lighter after one month of using this serum, and it does not break me out. However, my spots are still visible (if not more since my skin looks lighter) and it does nothing to reduce the size of my large pores. When I use this after my ANR, I do find it a tad heavy on my face, so I pat my face longer for the serums to seep into the skin before applying my moisturiser. This is something I did not have to worry when I was using my Diorsnow serums. In short, my skin conditioned maintained status quo other than the fact that it looks a little bit lighter. I am not saying that this serum is mediocre, just that maybe my skin has reached a good condition that it takes so much more for it to be better. Dior worked great because my skin was really bad to start with, so this might be unfair to Kiehl’s.



This 30ml bottle retails for RM200 (I think, please correct me if I’m wrong) and you can get it at all Kiehl’s stores nationwide. Have you tried this serum? This was launched in March this year, so if you have tested it, please comment below to let me know how it works on you.


xoxo Lily


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  • Hmm I was sort of eyeing this to try. So far most people seem to like it but am wondering how it compares to Lancome’s.

    • Lily

      I’ve had bad experiences with Lancome serums especially the Genifique, but my mom seems to like this a lot 🙂

  • Very helpful review! I’ve been looking for a corrective serum for my mom. She has dry skin and needs a product for her age spots. Sounds like this product didn’t do much for your spots though. Out of all the corrective serums that you’ve used, which one would you say is most effective for correcting uneven skin tone? Thanks!

    • Lily

      Hi Karen, thanks for dropping by. My mom seems to like this serum. After testing this, I gave it to my mom to try. She also has dry skin and some spots. Her skin tone lightened and I notice her spots lightened too!
      I personally prefer Dior because it works wonders on my skin!

  • BooBooNinja

    If only there were a magical dark spot cure!

    • Lily

      I know right? This seems to work better on my mom, but I’ve been seeing such vast improvement on my skin that I’m sticking to Dior. Why change something that works? But one thing about being a blogger is that I’m also sacrificing my skin for review purposes. Sigh…

      • BooBooNinja

        I tried Paula’s Choice lightening gel for 2 years, and it turns out that I’m one of the few for whom hydroquinone is ineffective. 🙁
        I know the spots are noticeable only to me, but gosh darn it, I see them every time I look in the mirror!
        “Sigh…” is right!

        • Lily

          I haven’t triee Paula’s Choice before… but have you tried Dior? I might sound like a broken record, but its One Essential range is great pre-serums. For pigmentation, its latest Diorsnow range did wonders to my skin that even my husband complimented me! He doesn’t notice things like this. Then, for hydration, it’s my trusted Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

          • BooBooNinja

            Broken record — lol.
            The Dior is out of my price range, unfortunately, but thanks for the recommendation.
            I have been increasing my usage of AHAs. It may be lightening the spots but it’s a bit early to tell.

            • Lily

              Ah, women’s quest to looking good. LOL! All the best, to all of us 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for the review Lily. I was intrigued by this clear bottle and read somewhere that it’s good to use together with Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate. I’ve old acne scars and uneven skin tone here and there…maybe this could work 🙂 Will get a sample to try.

    • Lily

      Hi Jennifer, yes, do try this. I like its scent, for sure. I don’t use much of Kiehl’s things, other than the sunscreen… but this one has been a pleasant experience. My mom is enjoying it far more than I am though 😉 If you do end up getting this, do drop by again to let me know how it works on you! I always want to know how a product works on others 🙂

  • I am loving your blog more and more. 😀 I just seen a review on this from dulcecandy87 and she loved it. I’m glad I got to read your review. 😀 and glad to know that it’s RM200 😛 I was thinking of checking it out although I don’t have any dark spots on my face. Now maybe I might look for a cheaper alternative.


    • Lily

      Thanks for dropping by Idda and I’m so happy you like my blog! I hope you’ll find a suitable brightening serum soon 🙂

  • chara876

    I have sun/age spots (darkened patches of skin) from birth control. Even after I went off, the spots did not go away. Once I got pregnant, I got a lot of little clusters all around my checks and forehead. I NEVER thought any product will fully rid of every mark on my skin. However, the Lady Soma Renew Serum, with the Lady Soma Masque, significantly faded them and with a little make-up made them a lot less apparent.

    I’ve tried various skin lighteners out there. Even by prescription. The ones prescribed made my skin peel, burn and turn red until I had to stop using them. Lady Soma did not irritate my skin at all and I saw results in the first few weeks. Overall my skin just looks fresher and brighter. The best product I have found over the counter.

    • I haven’t tried that before. Good to know it works for you!