Fluttering Lashes with Koji Dolly Wink

If you read my Sunday post, you’d see a dramatic FOTD that I sported, complete with fake lashes. I do not wear lashes regularly. In fact, the last time I wore one was for another FOTD, just for this blog. I took it off right after I was done taking photos. That is why I do not know much about falsies. I was at Sasa the other day to hunt for a pair for my glitzy evening, and I settled with something called Dolly Wink.


I was looking for something wispy, not too dramatic, something flirty yet not over the top. I didn’t look further. This style is No.2 Sweet Girly and I like that there are 2 pairs. In case I somehow mess up, there is back up! You probably can’t tell in these photos, but the lashes look purple in certain lighting. It is either black gone wrong, or it is done that way – purple tinted black.



I haven’t tried anything from Koji before, and based on the photo above, I decided it would go well with my makeup. Luckily, I wasn’t too far off. The falsies are light and the band translucent, giving a more natural look to the lashes. The new bands were not too stiff so I didn’t have to put too much effort in making it fit the curve of my eyes.



I like that there is glue included in the kit. I do not have any lash glue at home, so this came in handy. However, this glue took a while to dry, and it dries white. It meant having to go through the lashes with eye liner after the glue dries. I also had some problems with the glue sticking properly, but after 2 tries, it stuck well. The length of the lashes were just right for me. I wanted it to extend a little longer so that I could elongate the shape of my dramatic eyes. For a more natural look, I’d probably trim it a little.

This kit sells for RM55.90 and there was a 10% discount when I bought it at Sasa. I thought it was a little pricey, but there were 2 pairs and the lashes removed well. I cleaned it and its shape is still good for a second wear.

Do you wear false lashes regularly or do you save it for special occasions like me?


xoxo Lily