Revlon Grow Luscious Lashliner: Lines and Nourishes

Is it the craze now, or is it just me? Maybe brands just feel left out if their cosmetics are not infused with skincare goodness. For Revlon, its Grow Luscious range started with mascaras. Like the other high end and drugstore mascaras I’ve reviewed before, Grow Luscious products are infused with lash care serum that promises to nourish and support healthy lashes. However, I am not talking about mascaras today. It is a pencil liner. The first pencil liner that has lash care properties (well, those that I’ve tried anyway).


In line with Grow Luscious mascara, this lashliner has a green body. The shade that I have is 001 Onyx, which is black. It is a pencil that needs sharpening, and a generic pencil sharpener does the job. What I like about this lashliner is that it is super soft and pigmented. I don’t have to use much effort to get a very dark line and in fact, don’t use too much pressure if you want just a thin line. As you can see from the swatch below, the pencil is creamy and very pigmented.



Now, let’s talk about lining the waterline. My eyes are quite sensitive, so it’s great to know that this Revlon Lashliner doesn’t irritate my eyes. This pencil is soft enough that pigments are easily transferred, so my eyes don’t even water a bit. I have tried other pencils before (eg MAC and Urban Decay) and while they don’t irritate my eyes, they don’t stay long on my waterline either. Revlon outperforms in terms of staying power, for sure.



Now comes the negatives. There is only one main problem which brings in so many more problems. While I like that the pencil is soft, I don’t like that it is so soft that it breaks super easily. And I mean SUPER easily. I sharpen, it breaks. Want a sharp pencil for a super thin line? Not Revlon Lashliner. I press a little harder, it squishes. That learning curve got on my nerves a little, but I’m used to it now, so I’m OK. The fact that it breaks easily also means more frequent sharpening… and that translates to product wastage. I’ve only used this pencil for about 2 weeks (daily) and it’s even shorter than my other liners that I’ve used for a month! I blame the super soft pencil. I think it would be so much better if it is packaged like an automatic pencil where you twist for more product. No sharpening needed! You hear me, Revlon?

This pencil retails for RM29.70, I think. It’s close to RM30, for sure. Have you tried the lashliner before and did you get the same experience? Or did I get a dud?


xoxo Lily


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