Revlon PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation: A Brief Review

The weather has been crazy hot lately and I have replaced my liquid foundations with powder foundations. I have been alternating between Dior and Revlon, and since I haven’t talked about Revlon much, I thought it would be good to share my thoughts now. I think it is fair for me to say that this is THE ONLY Revlon foundation shade that sort of matches me, albeit still darker.


I have been using the Revlon PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation for more than 2 months now. The shade I use is Natural Ochre and if it was one tone lighter, it would be perfect. The compact is encased in black plastic, which doesn’t feel cheap. There is a sponge included in the casing which can be useful when I don’t have a face brush with me. I prefer to use brushes because it is faster and easier, and also more hygienic. I don’t know why, a dirty sponge irks me.



The powder is quite finely milled, and even when I dust my brush on it, there is not much powder flying everywhere. This foundation can also be used wet, but I prefer using it dry. This powder goes on evenly and doesn’t cake. It controls oil quite well but by the 5th hour, touching up is necessary. I have some freckles and sometimes little breakouts, and this powder does the job to cover redness. It does not conceal everything, and I’m happy to leave it at that, keeping things more natural. Should I wear concealer, I dab some before applying this powder foundation. When I want more coverage, sometimes, I do use this powder over liquid foundation. This enhances staying power as well. This powder has SPF19 but it doesn’t give me a whitish cast in photos.

Revlon PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation retails for RM69.00 and is widely available. I bought mine at Sasa. Have you tried this before? I think there is a promotion this month where you buy one and get a refill for free. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you might want to keep an eye on that.

What is your foundation of choice? Liquid or powder?


xoxo Lily



  • Michelle Beh

    I haven’t try this out. It looks nice! I prefer powder foundation than the liquid foundation as normally the powder foundation controls the oil better.

    • Lily

      The only gripe I have is the limited shade selection. You should pick it up. For the price, it really is quite lovely on the skin 🙂

  • Ohhh I love Revlon powder foundations. Best from the pharmacy, in my view (and that promo is tempting me!) Thanks for the heads up.

    • Lily

      I really do wish they carry something lighter with warm undertones. Too bad about the shade mismatch, because I like the texture of this powder. However, this comes in handy when the liquid foundation is too light on me 😉

  • Hanny Daforcena

    Hmmm, powder foundations for some reason aren’t my thing. I prefer liquid foundations because they last longer and mine don’t really feel oily even in hot days.

    I have the original Photoready, bought when I was a little fairer. Now, I can’t really use it out, but that one actually has the SPF cast, which I don’t really understand. Also, it is very evidently glittery…


    Glad you liked this product~

    • Lily

      I like powders because its quick and I don’t mind touching up. I tried the liquid version but I don’t like the texture and I can’t find a shade that matches my skin tone!

  • Jennifer

    Sounds like a good one. Am using the Photoready perfecting primer – not so much perfecting my acne scars but it does give quite finishing to my open pores 🙂 Thanks for this review, I shall keep my eyes open on the promotion pack.

    • Lily

      Hi Jennifer, I haven’t tried the primer but I’ve heard some good things about it. Just bought a Dior one, so maybe I’ll try this next 🙂

      • Jennifer

        Hi Lily, I haven’t checked out at the stores yet. But is this 003 Natural Ochre the lightest shade available in our market? Frankly, I am a mess when it comes to selecting the right shade! Because I have oily skin, liquid foundation can be a tad too heavy for my skin. I use primer but sometimes it only lasts me for a few hours before the oil pool forms. So far, I use BB cream because of its supposedly “auto setting” lol. I am using L’oreal True Match compact powder in the lightest shade and to me, it looks ok. Not sure how others look at me though lol.

        • Lily

          Hi Jennifer, I don’t think this is the lightest shade but I’m not sure. I think there is Buff which looks lighter, but it looks pink. This is the only one that is yellow based. This shade is darker on me so if you have the same skin tone as me, then you’ll have the same problem!

          Also, if your skin is oily, very light liquid foundations should work. I find that applying it thick will worsen the problem. If you apply a thin layer with a wet brush, the sheered out foundation actually lasts longer on oily skin.

  • dom

    Liquid foundies all the way for me! Thanks for the review though. I saw it in Watsons and was all sorts of curious. Unfortch, the shopping ban is still on and until I finish all of my foundies, I won’t be buying one for a very long time! I have to say though that out of all the drugstore compact powder foundies I’ve tried, Revlon makes the best.

    • Lily

      I haven’t tried any other drugstore powder foundation before so I can’t tell. The only gripe I have is the lack of shade selection. Most of those I tested at counter are usually too pink for me 🙁 I love my liquid foundations too but its been too hot lately!

  • Syaza

    Hi, any idea if revlon photoready powder foundation just sell the casing? and how much?? i am using za powder and am still using it but just wanna change the casing to a black sleek casing 🙂

    • Lily

      Hey Syaza, I don’t think Revlon sells empty casings. However, you can look it up at stores specializing in accessories, or maybe Sasa. Good luck!

  • Janice

    Hey, just wondering, do u use powder after using this powder foundation? coz after using liquid foundation, we normally use those powder (sorry i dont know another term for it) to set the foundation. Or we dont have to since it’s already POWDER foundation?

    • Hi Janice, when I use powder foundations, I don’t use another powder to set the foundation. However, if it looks a little too powdery and cakey, I spray my face with some mist to set it instead 🙂 Hope that helped!

      • Janice

        oh haha okay. I’m using this foundation too, but i feel that my face isn’t powdery smooth, can still feel the stickiness from my sunblock/make up base. but if i were to use more powder foundation to get that powdery smooth feeling, it’ll be too thick. if i use the facial mist, will i get that powdery smooth feeling? my sister uses liquid foundation and then blush on powder. soooo smooth!

        • Hi Janice, how do you apply this powder foundation? I hardly use the sponge provided. I usually take a face brush and buff the product in. If you like the smooth powdery finish, I guess there’s no harm in dusting some loose powder after. I don’t usually do that though 🙂

  • natasha

    I have been using this powder foundation for the past 3 weeks now. and it seems that everytime i put it on my face will look patchy at the end of the day. i do not touch up my make up often as i am scared that it will look really cakey. Every morning, i will apply serum and moisturise my face using oil-free moisturiser. but still it will look patchy
    do u have any suggestions that will help my face not to look patchy at the end of the day.

    • Lily

      Hi Natasha, do you have normal, oily or dry skin? Before touching up, I always blot my face to get rid of oils. If it’s still patchy, you might want to try applying face mist after touching up with powder. After spraying, use the palm of your hands to gently press your face. MAC Fix+ helps too.