You can still get it! The Balm Shady Lady Vol. 3

I usually get all annoyed when I see some pretty limited edition palettes that I won’t be able to buy anymore. I had these photos taken a long time ago, but I didn’t feature it because I thought they were already sold out. Then, I saw this at different Sasa stores, so yay! It’s safe for me to show you the colours!


In my opinion, The Balm is one of the more affordable brands that make good quality pigmented eye shadows! I haven’t tried the other products yet, but its Shady Ladies have impressed me time after time. I didn’t manage to pick up Vol. 1, but I definitely fell in love with Vol. 2. I certainly didn’t hesitate to purchase Vol. 3. The eye shadows are buttery soft with minimal fall outs. Some shades are matte and some shimmery. I especially love the shimmery ones because they are not over the top, just soft and subtle enough for an ethereal glow. Below is what the palette looks like. Housed in a sturdy cardbox like palette, the 9 shadows can take you from day to night in a heart beat.



This palette is lighter compared to Vol. 2 (there are more darker shades) but this one has some pretty shades such as Runaround Rebecca and Come-Hither Heather. Below are swatches for you. The first photo is taken under direct sunlight (see how they shine!) and the second is taken using diffused light. The only shade that I thought was a dud was Guilty Gwen. It is supposed to be black, but it turned out dry and stiff. Even working it on the lids with a brush, this shade is harder to work with than the rest which glide on like butter.



For the price of RM120, I still think this palette is a bargain. For 8 beautiful colours and 1 odd dud, it is still value for money. The packaging can get a little dirty, since the pigments stick onto the paper material, but it’s still good. I’m tempted to depot the shadows into my Unii or Z-palette so I can combine both Vol.2 and 3 in the same palette. We’ll see. If I did it, I will show you what the palette looks like.

Have you tried any of The Balm products before? Did you manage to get any of the Shady Ladies? They are lovely palettes and should there be a Vol.4, I will get it in a blink of an eye!


xoxo Lily