Sunday Sharing: OOTD and Body Image

I have been super busy lately, and my computer has been giving me problems. My usual 9am scheduled post for today is postponed until now. Either way, it is still Sunday, so I say it’s always better late than never! I attended a formal event last night and since I haven’t done any OOTD before, maybe it’s a good time to do just one. Yes, just one.

This dress is my 21st birthday present. I know, it’s more than 10 years old and other than the fact that the material is still good, I can actually fit into the dress! So, it’s either I’ve always been round, or I managed to keep my body even after 2 kids. LOL! I have big flabby arms so I need something to camouflage the bulge. Furthermore, it was quite cold so the outerwear was very much practical. Since it was dinner, I decided to go with dramatic eyes and nude lips. I wanted to wear red lips, but again, too much effort to touch up after I ate. Did I mention I’m lazy? I even got someone to do my hair.

I hope you like the photos!! If you’re wondering, I took 1 hour to do my makeup and yes, it was a heavy one. Lots of photo taking 😉




Disclaimer: Mr Chloe.Ash taught me this pose. If I did myself, I’d be as stiff as a robot. Either way, it was awkward standing like this. No wonder celebs and models are paid well. It’s tough! 


So there you have it, my first OOTD on Chloe.Ash and probably the last? We’ll see. Before I go, a little pep talk on body image because I can’t resist:

I am not stick thin nor I want to. I am a full figured mother of 2 beautiful girls and I am not ashamed of it. I know there are girls and women out there who pressure themselves to go on diets to lose weight, to be thin and fit into society’s perception of hot babes. Let me tell you something. If you spit venom for words and have a stone for a heart, it doesn’t matter if you’re 5’6″ with 34-24-34 stats. You are ugly. Be confident, be kind, be compassionate, and most of all, stay true to yourself. First impressions might be superficial, but in the end, people see you for who you are, on the inside.

Let me tell you one more thing. I may have flabby lose skin on my tummy and arms and my boobs may have sagged a little after both pregnancies and breast feeding, but I am proud of it because these are proof of my love for my family. Sure, I can work my butt off to try to lose it, and I do try to be healthier, but if I’m not skinny or thin, I am OK with it. My husband still thinks I’m sexy. My daughters still love me. Maybe it’s because I’m already middle aged, so that’s where my “I don’t care what you think” attitude came from 😉 If more women love themselves more, the world will be a happier place, I reckon!

Anyhoo…. I hope you liked the dramatic makeup too. Let me know if you wanted to know how I did it.

What are your thoughts on body image – your own body and the general expectations nowadays?


xoxo Lily



  • Hanny Daforcena

    Words cannot describe how much I agree with you on this, seriously. But… heh heh, I have no real excuse for my body image right now. Thing is, Mama Daforcena “wants the best for/from me” and let’s just say that for my sanity’s sake I just do whatever she wants. I’m not on the losing side even if I do comply to her… “HAN GO AND LOSE WEIGHT BY DOING SO AND SO” episodes. Am hitting the gym tomorrow with my aunt. (Cue internal scream)

    GIRL YOU LOOK HOT! ^.^ Love the colored smokey eyes and that model-esque pose heehee~

    • Lily

      My mom used to be like that when I was young… and even now. LOL! I think moms in general just want the best for their children, but some of them seem to lack the tact. I used to be insecure about myself, I was my own worst critic but as I grow older, I learned that there is so much more to life. That said, I still want to strive to have a healthier lifestyle, mainly so that I can live longer to enjoy it (life).
      Aaw… thanks sweetie! I hardly do such dramatic makeup when I go out, so it’s new. I will also let my hubs know that you approve of the pose. LOL!

      • Hanny Daforcena

        Yep, that’s what I realized after much emo-ness and self-delving and a failed counseling session (erm… the counselor was a tad too… kelam kabut for my taste). So I decided to just do what mother wants because at the end of the day, she’s right. (If she’s not, she can’t blame me if I don’t continue hahahaha)

  • Bellen

    You look absolutely stunning!

    • Lily

      Aaw, thank you Bellen 🙂 I’m glad you like it!

  • Joey Chong

    Hi Lily,

    Your makeup is super well done, I love it and your hair looks amazing!! I always think short and curly hair looks super chic..

    You look great for a mother of 2 – honest!!


    • Lily

      Thank you Joey! Its the first time I get my hair curled like this and it was fun 🙂

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    You’re gorgeous!!! Love your fluttery lashes and the earrings are so pretty!

    I get what you mean about body image. I had it hard growing up in Asia, because I’m just tall for my generation and my feet are considered big (38 in Europe). I’m much much happier in Europe now because I’m just a medium, not sticking out in any sense! I’d much prefer the society to preach self-esteem than something so frivolous.

    • Lily

      I like the earrings too but the lashes were so heavy. I’m just not used to it. Lol! I think the average shoe size here is 36 to 38 so your feet are not big at all! Mine is also 38 😛

      • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

        Oh here my feet are definitely on the smaller side!

        • Lily

          Do people in Taiwan really have smaller feet?

          • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

            Oh yeah totally. At least that’s the impression I had growing up. I’m pretty tall for my generation. Kids nowadays are growing taller though, so it’s easier for me to find shoes at least.

            • Lily

              Whew! I heard shoes in Taiwan are very pretty so it would be sad if you couldn’t find one your size. I hope it won’t be a problem anymore 😉

  • Very elegant makeup & dress and such pretty earrings too! 😀 You don’t look round and you’re hardly middle aged lah 😛 I’m quite happy with how I look too. I’m not stick thin – never have been, never will be and comfortable with it. There are ways to trick the eye after all 😉

    • Lily

      If the average life span is 70, I’m nearly middle aged already. Haha! And yes, there are ways to trick the eyes, the pose included!

  • Ultra sexy! 😀 I love your dramatic makeup, dress, and especially love your flouncy hair!

    • Lily

      Peach! Its been a long time since I heard from you. How have you been? Thank you for the compliment 🙂 I will tell the hair dresser he did a good job. Haha! If it were left to me, gosh, my hair will spoil the look. My hands are not trained for hair, at all!

  • lyn

    Ooh la la… So elegant and glam! I think nude lips suit you very well too. I know I am overweight but I am pretty comfortable in my own skin. I think I have come to terms with my own size and there are more important matters to worry about than weight alone 😉 I do plan to eat healthier though (wish me luck).

    • Lily

      Haha thanks! I know I don’t eat healthy 100% of the time, but I try to. Good luck to you and me!

  • Jesslyn Soh

    you look great! you should do more post like these…i’m not stick thin either so its great having someone who spread positive vibes around about body image for the fuller / curvy gals out there! :))

    • Lily

      Thanks Jesslyn. I’m not very stylish, so I’m afraid OOTDs must be a once in a blue moon thing. I’ll see what I can do, but I think I need help myself instead of giving people tips! LOL!!

  • Liyeun

    Oh my effin god! Two kids and u can still fit in da dress from 10 years ago???!!! *envy* I have just given birth to one, and overall my body literally expanded!!!! How did u manage??? Anyway could u share what did u use for ur face/makeup? It’s really good!!!

    • Lily

      Hi Liyuen, LOL! To be honest, I’m pretty sure I was round back then, and now. Hahahaha! The pose took a few kilos off >.< I really don't know how it happened but I was surprised I could still fit. I will do a separate post on the FOTD, in detail. I used A LOT OF PRODUCTS so don't be surprised when you read it later 😉

  • I’ve always loved seeing purple eye makeup, and I think you did a great job with it! 😀 Somehow purple just seems so elegant and perfect for formal evening occasions.

    Well, I’d be lying if I said I am satisfied with my body. I’m not one of the skinny ones, and i’ve struggled with weight issues since small. I did manage to go down a bit, but mostly I’ve changed my mindset. The people who matter don’t care what I look like (well, they are concerned, but they won’t reject me) and those who dismiss me rightaway because of how I look are just not worth my time.

    • Lily

      I love purple smokey eyes! You are right about having a more positive mindset. Surround yourself with people who love you for who you are. The rest are poison to the soul! Before that, most importantly, love yourself more 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Lovely post Lily 🙂 Love your eyes make up. You look good, in fact very good for a mother of two! Most of my co-workers who are mothers generally look good as well and they are comfortable with their body and role as a mum.

    I am pear shaped but I’ve learnt to accept my body and go with the flow. Once in a while, I wish it was the reverse proportion, but oh well 😉

    • Lily

      Oh Jennifer, mine is the opposite of a pear and it’s no fun!

      • Jennifer

        Lol Lily 🙂 Good health is the best I guess. And be comfortable with one’s body, with self love, there’s so much more to come!

        • Lily

          Well said 🙂