Affordable DIY Brush Stand

This is nothing new. In fact, this idea originated from Sephora. It’s everywhere, really. I’ve been wanting to replicate it for ages but I just couldn’t find the right stuff… the right ingredients. The hardest was to find the right sized fillers. My quest continued, until one day…

One word. Daiso. I never thought to look there, but man! I should have, a long time ago! I went to gardens, I went to tool shops, and I couldn’t find those tiny ball fillers. They were either too big for my liking, or they were of some weird shapes that I didn’t like either. I wanted glass balls, small ones and this one is perfect for me. Furthermore, everything at Daiso is only RM5 per item! If you already knew about this way earlier, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME??!!!?!



You could look for a bigger clear container, but I wanted it to fit my Sigma travel brush set only, so I went ahead with this. You’d need 2 tubes of the glass balls, pour it into this container, and voila!!



Easy peasy and super cheap. Total is only RM15, excluding brushes of course.



Old idea, nicked from Sephora, but it works. Super affordable and looks good on the vanity too! Do you have any simple DIYs to share? Any cool storage tips that I could benefit from? Please let me know!


xoxo Lily