Dior Fall 2012 Golden Jungle Eyeshadow & Lipgloss Palette 002 Review

Dior got me at ‘ding’. That was when I received emails from my RSS feeds. Blog after blog that I subscribed to, talked about Dior Fall Collection. The Golden Jungle. Well, it certainly brought the ‘meow’ out of my inner Leo lioness! I loved everything about it, and let’s not even go to September, the launch of their Nude range… *drools*… Let’s just stay focused on the Golden Jungle eyeshadow and lipgloss palette for now…


This one has the heaviest packaging ever! It’s sturdy metal, glossy finish, and you guessed it… all things shiny and glossy attract finger prints! After playing with it for a while, the OCD in me cleaned the palette thoroughly until it shone again. Gah… do I need gloves when I’m handling this case? Rant aside, this palette is the 002 version, Browns (the other one is Khaki). I love me some browns and this one looks warm enough to eat!



The palette opens and reveals the sparkly eyeshadows. Trust me, the sparkles you see there are just overspray. One swipe and they’re gone. Looks amazingly pretty, doesn’t it? We’re not talking about functionality… yet… but isn’t it an eye candy? Collectors will rejoice! The separate metal flap is the divine divide, I call it. It is the barrier between powder and cream. Now this is functionality at its best especially for someone like me. I hate palettes which have creams and powders mixed because the powders will definitely find its way to stick to the creams. Yuk. Dirty. But this, is clever.



You open the flap to reveal the peachy lip gloss that matches the eye shadows perfectly. The texture of the lip gloss is not sticky, but please be gentle when picking up the product. I got over excited and made a H.U.G.E. dent on the gloss plate. LOL! Now, on to the eye shadows. Beautiful aside, how do you pick up the colour? Fingers? Use the sponge applicators provided?



I never use the included sponge applicators, so end of story there. Unless you have tiny slim fingers, it’s nearly impossible to pick up individual colours without smudging the neighbouring colour. Yeah. I know. But hey, you have eyeshadow brushes, don’t you? I don’t have any problems picking up the right amount of colour using my brushes. I’ve been using this palette for a few days now, and the colours are pigmented. I never had problems with Dior eye shadows creasing on me (on primed lids) and this is no different.



On my skin, and for easy reference, I’m between NC15-NC20 (closer to NC20), all the colours show up really well. The medium tone warm brown shows up very rich on my skin, so I do use it sparingly. Maybe it’s because of my yellow undertones, but that shade in particular leans a little orange. The rest are lovely. Don’t worry. I will take a few photos on how it looks worn. Just stay with me, and have a little patience 😉 I try not to disappoint!



I do have mixed feelings about this palette. Not a fan of the shiny metal casing, but I love the colours. The pattern is unique and although more care is needed to pick up the eye shadows, it doesn’t bother me much. The quality of the shadows is top notch, no fallouts, no gritty sparkles, stays on and doesn’t crease much. If you are a collector, I’d say, don’t miss this.

Dior Fall 2012 collection is already available at counters nationwide. This palette retails for RM220 and if you haven’t gone in person to play with swatches… well, what are you waiting for?


xoxo Lily


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